Get published in a peer-reviewed journal, present at a meeting, write a book, or create a peer-reviewed teaching module. Convert your meeting or conference paper into a peer-reviewed journal article.

Be influential worldwide. Be recognized as a respected expert in your subject matter. Improve your grant funding opportunities with a trusted journal. We work with you to improve the quality of your publication and distribute it to a worldwide audience.

Through license agreements with universities, government agencies, and companies worldwide, the full text of your ASABE journal article or meeting paper will be available to a majority of individuals interested in your research. Those with access to the complete our Technical Library include:

  • Nearly all land grant institutions along with many other U.S. institutions interested in our content.
  • Similar institutions in 37 other countries.
  • Over 1,000 institutions in China.
  • All USDA employees and similar government agencies in other countries.
  • Over 500 institutions in 86 low-income countries through the TEEAL and INASP projects.
  • Major equipment companies and others interested in the content.
  • All ASABE members.

Manuscript Submissions

Please note that for journal articles:

  • Referencing requirements for journals have changed including the author name order.
  • ISO standards adopted for journal name abbreviation.
  • Use of DOI is encouraged in references.
  • For references, if the author names are not in the correct order, the manuscript will be returned.
  • Use of EndNote or the Word references tool is encouraged with a $25 discount. See online instructions.
  • Plagiarism checking has been implemented.
  • Page charges must be paid before publication.

Below are instructions for each type of manuscript.