Standards Updates since April 11, 2019

Information Updates

Below is a current listing of the standards completed or withdrawn since the publication of the current ASABE Standards CD-Rom/Flash Drive 2019. The updated CD/Flash Drive publication is available in late spring of each year.

Information on other standard projects can be found here.

For information on ISO activities, contact the assigned ASABE Administrator found here.

Projects approved:

X575.2, Farm and Agricultural Injury Classification (FAIC) Code

New standards approved since the last publication:

ANSI/ASABE S638 MAY2019 Pintle Hitch and Ring for Over the Road Towed Implements (Press release PDF)

Revisions since the last publication:

ASAE S431.4 MAY2019 2000-RPM Front and Mid PTO for Lawn and Garden Ride-on Tractors and Commercial Turf Equipment, Mid PTO for Compact Utility Tractors (Press release PDF)


Withdrawals since the last publication: