What is Accreditation?
Accreditation is the voluntary, peer review process utilized by higher education institutions and industry practitioners to evaluate academic degree programs. The accreditation process is used by universities, colleges and specific degree programs to clarify instructional goals and objectives, enhance program content and improve program delivery. It is vital to the continued success of our profession.   

ASABE is one of 35 professional societies that comprise ABET, the accrediting agency for engineering, computing, engineering technology, and applied science degree programs, primarily in the United States, but expanding across the globe.   

Before an individual program can obtain ABET accreditation, the college or university must first be granted institutional accreditation by an accrediting organization that has a geographic-specific charter from a professional or specialized accreditation agency like ABET.  In other words, Institutional accreditation is a prerequisite for ABET accreditation.

ABET Program Evaluators are an extremely important part of the process. Without them, accreditation would not be possible. ASABE needs qualified volunteers to serve as evaluators. Learn more about the role of the Program Evaluator and becoming an evaluator for ASABE.

Who Oversees Accreditation Activities Within ASABE?
EOPD-204 Engineering & Technology Accreditation Committee is the group within ASABE tasked with recruiting and selecting program evaluators for the following ABET-accredited engineering and engineering technology programs:

  • Agricultural and similarly named programs (includes forest)
  • Biological and similarly named programs (includes biological systems and food)

ASABE also supports other ABET-member societies as a Cooperating Society for the following ABET-accredited engineering and engineering technology programs:

  • Bioengineering and biomedical engineering and similarly named programs
  • Environmental and similarly named programs

Who May Serve as a Program Evaluator (PEV)?
ASABE members who work in academia, industry, government and other areas are especially valued in the
accreditation process. Faculty members in multidisciplinary programs such as those listed in the previous section, are encouraged to recommend members they believe would be outstanding program evaluators. 

PEV Basics

Application Form & Instructions
The EOPD-204 Engineering & Technology Accreditation Committee seeks applications from well qualified engineers and engineering technologists in industry, government and academia to serve as program evaluators on ABET teams.

Please complete an application here. When you work your way through the application procedure and submit your application (bottom link on the right panel "Apply To Become a Program Evaluator"), your application materials are forwarded to the society you select, so be sure to select ASABE as the one you would like to represent.

Contact Information
Sonia Maassel Jacobsen is the ASABE volunteer who coordinates training of PEVs and their assignment to visits. Feel free to e-mail Sonia with questions you may have as you go through the application process.   

ASABE Program Evaluator Travel Expense Form