Ballots, as well as committee emails, documents, and membership lists, can be found on Engage in your committee WorkSpace, ASABE’s secure platform for conducting committee work. Logged-in users have access only to the Engage WorkSpaces for those committees on which he or she has membership. Learn more about using WorkSpace here.

To vote on a standards ballot you can follow the link provided in the notification email. Log into Engage using your current user ID and password. Contact the committee administrator if you need assistance.

The ballot will contain attachments comprising all of the documents necessary to make an informed decision.

Comment Template

When commenting on a document, please use the comment template attached to the ballot. Begin by downloading the template and saving it as a .doc file. Add your comments to the template, following the guidelines below. When finished, upload the document as an attachment to the ballot.

  • When entering text in the template, do not adjust column width. Doing so complicates consolidation of responses and puts your comments at risk for corruption or deletion.
  • Carefully identify the location of the text in question, citing the section in the Clause/Subclause column, and paragraphs, figures, and tables in the Paragraph/figure/table column.
  • Comments requesting text edits must include suggested copy. Nonspecific comments, such as “Needs work” or “Disagree,” are typically disregarded