The Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems (ITSC) Technical Community judges select the top papers from the ITSC community that will be presented at the annual international meeting (AIM) each year. To be considered, authors must submit their paper to headquarters by April 20 to be eligible for that year's AIM. Papers must not have been previously published elsewhere.

2023 Winners

Real-Time 3D Tracking Method of Flying Moths Using Stereo Vision 
Ryo Sugiura, Ryo Nakano, Kazuki Shibuya, Koji Nishisue, Shinji Fukuda

Deep Data Augmentation for Weed Recognition Enhancement: A Diffusion Probabilistic Model and Transfer Learning Based Approach
Dong Chen, Xinda Qi, Yu Zheng, Yuzhen, Yanbo Huang, Zhaojian Li

An Automated Online Learning Framwork for Insect Pest Image Classification Model Enhancement
Ching-Kuang Chen, Ta-Te Lin

A Dynamic Object Counting Method for Strawberry Fruits using Vision Transformer Networks and Kalman Filter Tracking
Xuehai Zhou, Yuyang Zhang, Shangpeng Sun, Phil Rosenbaum