Administered by the ASABE Foundation, the Giving Back Fund provides financial support to projects that showcase the knowledge and skills of the agricultural and biological engineering profession through efforts that benefit underserved individuals or groups. Eligible projects may take place anywhere in the world; no preference is given in the selection process for geographic location. The endeavor may involve building, designing, planning, teaching, or other assistance that has tangible evidence of the endeavor.

The Giving Back Fund has money available annually to support one or more projects. ASABE members are invited to submit a video, slide presentation, or other electronic means to seek funding support from the Giving Back .


Submitting an Application


  • The project must involve at least two individuals who are ASABE members, at any member grade, in the year nominated and in the year the funds are presented, and include at least two persons with one or more degrees completed or in process in agricultural engineering, biological engineering, biosystems engineering, or similarly named disciplines/university programs.
  • The initial project or phase submitted must have started within five years of nomination and must be completed within two years of receiving funding.
  • Submissions may be considered by the selection committee for a total of three years as long as the required ASABE membership does not lapse and the project is still pending and viable.
  • Funds can be used for expenses incurred from three months prior to two years after the project award (estimated to be January 31).
  • See the Submission Procedures for a complete list of requirements

Submission Deadline: December 31.

Direct submissions and questions to Dolores Landeck, ASABE Director of Communications, via e-mail.