New Journal Page Charge Rates

After the layout is complete, the APC will be determined. Payment is required before publication. The APC is based on the number of published journal pages. Journal of the ASABE and Applied Engineering in Agriculture use 8.5 by 11 inch pages and the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health uses 6 by 9 inch pages. The number of published pages often is about half of the length of the double-spaced Word manuscript when using our template.

We cannot accept payment from financial institutions in sanctioned countries including Burma, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Venezuela.

The ASABE Journal Editorial Board approved a new pricing structure for article processing charges (APC) of our three hybrid journals. Under the new structure, if any of the authors are members, the first three pages are no charge, pages four to seven are $100 each, and pages eight and over are $200 each. If no authors are members, only the first page has no charge. The Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health charges follow the same structure, but at half the per-page charge due to its smaller page size. The table below illustrates the charges.

The new Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems (JNRAE) is only open access and has different pricing. For this journal, the article types have different maximum page counts. See the journal home page and below for details.

The new APC rates will apply to new manuscripts submitted after June 30, 2021. For new manuscripts submitted up to June 30, we are using the lower of the old and new rates. New manuscripts have a ScholarOne Manuscript Central ID of 14736 or greater.

The old rates for the Journal and Applied were to charge members $100 per page or $110 per page for non-members. For JASH, members paid $50 per page or $55 per page for non-members.

Open Access

Open access (OA) using the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license may be purchased for journal articles including older ones. Your article will be freely available in our online Technical Library, allowing anyone to view the full article. This fee also allows authors to immediately share the published version, including posting to article-sharing sites. Commercial copying or redistribution is prohibited. Pay the OA fee when you send the payment form that comes with your layout proof. For the three hybrid journals, the cost is $1500 per article in addition to the APC, unless the article is in a special collection for which the cost is $1200 per article. For JNRAE, the cost is $1800 for collection articles with eight or fewer pages. Articles receiving the annual meeting discount do not receive the special collection discount. OA for previously published articles may also be purchased.

Discount for Publishing Your AIM 2023 Presentation in Our Journals

Further develop your 2023 AIM non-refereed presentation into a high-quality peer reviewed manuscript, submit to the ASABE journals, and receive a page charge discount of $100 or 10%, if over 10 pages for the final layout. You must be registered for the annual meeting, present your work at the AIM, and submit your manuscript to ScholarOne by October 1, 2023. Note that all manuscripts must go through our high-quality review process to be published in the ASABE journals.

When uploading to ScholarOne, at the end of Step 1: Type, Title, & Abstract, be sure to select the special collection Annual International Meeting (AIM) Discount and include in your cover letter your AIM paper number.

  Journal of the ASABE and Applied JASH Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems
Page Count Member Price ($) Non-member Price ($) Member Price ($) Non-member Price ($) Member and Non-member Price ($)
1 0 0   0 0   1500
2 0 100   0 0   1500
3 0 200   0 50   1500
4 100 300   0 100   1500
5 200 400   0 150   2100
6 300 500   0 200   2100
7 400 600   50 250   2100
8 600 800   100 300   2100
9 800 1000   150 350   2400
10 1000 1200   200 400   2400
11 1200 1400   250 450   2400
12 1400 1600   300 500   2400
13 1600 1800   350 550   2400
14 1800 2000   400 600   2400
15 2000 2200   500 700   2400