Our peer-review system depends on having qualified and willing reviewers. To volunteer to review:

  1. Log in to your ScholarOne account (co-authors have accounts using their emails).
  2. Click on your name at the top of the page.
  3. Choose "User ID & Password" from the drop down menu.
  4. Fill-in the "Keywords" section. These words are used for reviewer searches.
  5. Fill-in the "Specialty/Area of Expertise". Include one or more technical community codes such as "MS rev" or "NRES rev", along with your more specific areas of interest such as grain storage, aerobic treatment, or center pivot irrigation.

Thank you for providing quality, timely reviews. We appreciate your willingness to help in the journal review process. Sharing your expertise to help authors improve their manuscript is important to the scholarly publication process.

When selected as a reviewer, you will receive an email message from the associate editor asking you to review a specific manuscript. The email will contain a link to view the document and a review form to complete. Training for peer-review is free using Web of Science Academy, but you must create an account. You may also choose to have Publons track your reviews via integration with ScholarOne.

Community Editors and Associate Editors are members of committees. Editors for each community are found on the P-511 Journal Editorial Board. Associate editors are listed on the publication committees for each community (ASE-05, EOPD-04, ES-04, ITSC-04, MS-04, NRES-05, PAFS-05, and PRS-04). For the online committee listing, you must use your member login to our website to access the committee roster.