#ASABEtheChange 2023




We love our holidays, don't we? Holidays give us the opportunity to spend time with those we care about, in ways that bring us joy. They open our hearts to gratitude and generosity. I hope that's what you're enjoying this weekend, and I’d like to make an appeal to some of that generosity.

November 28 is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. I invite you to join the movement by supporting the ASABE Foundation's 2023 Giving Tuesday campaign.
Our planet needs us more than it has in any time in history. I believe that our shared commitment to solving global Grand Challenges will help advance science-based engineering and technology solutions to create a world in which all can enjoy access to everything they need to thrive.

ASABE Foundation trustees and staff work hard every day to truly make a difference across the globe through the support of ASABE initiatives, awards, student design competitions, scholarships, and humanitarian outreach. Our goal is simple: to support our professional Society, ASABE, and the profession by funding awards, special initiatives, and projects, professional development, and more.

Your Gift is Doubled!

I'm pleased to announce that the Foundation has made available $50,000 to match your gift to this year's Giving Tuesday campaign. And this year the Foundation has identified student competitions as a special area of need. Therefore, donations to the 2023 campaign will be directed toward supporting our wide array of undergraduate and graduate student competitions. You are welcome, of course, to designate a fund or project of your choosing, if there is one that holds special meaning

If you're looking for other ways in which you can have an impact on the profession, we have some ideas and you'll find them here.

The ASABE Foundation has done amazing work over the past 30 years. Now is our moment to stay engaged, to work, and to support the values we cherish. With your help we can make a difference. We can #ASABEtheChange we want to see in the world.
I wish you and your family a very joyous holiday season.
Gratefully yours,
Lalit Verma
ASABE Foundation





Looking for Ways to Make an Impact?

There are many ways in which you can #ASABEtheChange. Here are a few ideas that offer big impact!

Become a mentor and help a member advance his or her career.

Strengthen the profession and give yourself the gift of professionalism by getting licensed. Information and free resources available.

Sponsor a student to attend AETC. Sponsors enjoy recognition on conference name badges. Contact Jessica at Bell@asabe.org for details.

Choose an ASABE Foundation Fund that aligns with your interests and make a year-end donation to the ASABE Foundation.

Commit to making the ASABE Foundation a beneficiary in your estate planning. Contact Darrin at Drollinger@asabe.org to start the conversation.

Strengthen ASABE's legacy as a leader in publishing: Submit your work to an ASABE journal.

Mentor someone about to take the Ag/Bio PE exam. Give a “Proud Member Testimonial” and inspire someone else to become involved in the Society.

Become involved in standards activity within your area of expertise. Contact Carla at VanGilder@asabe.org for details.

Celebrate Engineers Week, February 18-24, 2024. Present a hands-on activity in a classroom, at a scout meeting, or at a science center.

If you're 70½ or older, make a year-end, tax-free gift to the ASABE Foundation using funds transferred directly from your IRA. Let ASABE help you:

Boost your humanitarian engineering project with an award from the Giving Back Fund – deadline, December 31. www.asabe.org


Together, we make a positive impact on the future of our profession.