Updated 6/8/2021

The editors of Introduction to Biosystems Engineering, with the support of the ASABE Initiative Fund, are developing the Biosystems Engineering Digital Library (BEDL). This open educational resource will support instructors by providing teaching and learning materials for use in the classroom and for assignments. Access to these two dynamic resources, textbook/chapters and BEDL, will provide a global digital teaching resource for Biosystems Engineering for many years.

Status of BEDL Development

In early 2021, ASABE issued an invitation to multiple university libraries to submit “Expressions of Interest” in hosting BEDL. ASABE and the editors are now in conversation with several libraries that are interested in hosting BEDL. It is anticipated that the hosting library will be confirmed by the end of summer 2021 and that BEDL will be accessible to users by the middle of 2022.

Watch here for updates on the development of BEDL…