Dedication Year: 1980

Location: Shelbyville, IL

Plaque Wording: Designated an Historic Landmark of Agricultural Engineering. In the Shelbyville Area During the Spring of 1929, Raymore McDonald Designed and Developed the First Commercial Pick-Up Baler as Conceived and Financed by Horace Tallman and His Sons, Leslie R. and Gentry L. These Balers were Marketed for Many Years by the Ann Arbor Machine Company of Shelbyville. This Concept of Field Processing of Farm Forages Made a Significant Contribution to the Efficiency and Economy of Mechanized Forage Harvesting in the World's Agriculture. This Basic Field Pick-Up Mechanism has Been Used in About 15 Million Balers Built in the US By 1980. Dedicated by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, May 1980