Kansas State University PhD student Roselle Baretto has gotten involved with ASABE student competitions, notably with the Ag & Bio Ethics Essay Competition. In 2023 he took top honors. We asked Baretto to share some of his insights about the value of ASABE's student competitions, his personal experiences, and his thoughts on traveling to the ASABE Annual International Meeting (AIM), where some of the Society's competition finals take place.

Photo of competition winner Roselle Baretto

How has ASABE competition experience helped you in the real world?

Participating in ASABE competitions has provided me with skills and lessons beyond the specific topic of my essay. While my essay focused on digital biopiracy, the competition itself taught me critical thinking and communication skills applicable to my profession. These skills enable me to tackle complex problems, communicate effectively, and contribute to meaningful discussions in any professional setting.

Was this your first time attending AIM? Would you recommend that other students attend?

This was my third time attending AIM. I highly recommend that other students attend AIM for networking and professional development opportunities. Over the years, I've found AIM to be an invaluable platform for connecting with industry professionals, professors, fellow students, and researchers. The plethora of workshops, technical sessions, scientific presentations, and discussions offer a wealth of knowledge and insights that can significantly benefit students in their future careers. Also, if you are a graduate student or a young professional attending AIM for the first time, check out the activities prepared by the Young Professionals Community, which are both fun and engaging!

Why would you recommend other students participate in ASABE student competitions?

Student competitions serve as dynamic platforms where students (both undergrad and graduate) can showcase their research interests, refine their presentation skills, and make invaluable connections with other students or industry leaders. Beyond the awards and prizes, ASABE student competitions allow students to hone their abilities and critical thinking skills, and serve as starting points that may set them on a trajectory for impactful contributions to the field of agricultural and biological engineering.