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New Faces of ASABE

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New Faces of ASABE recognizes the outstanding talents and passions of the rising generation of engineering leaders, whose work is already having significant impact on public welfare around the globe. The program has two categories: College Edition, for undergraduates, and Professionals, for engineering graduates 35 years of age and younger.* ASABE offers its College Edition winner a $1000 scholarship, while the winner in the Professionals category is invited to travel to Washington, DC, to represent ASABE at Engineers Week activities.

We all know that ASABE members are amazing people.  They work to solve some of the biggest challenges that we face—how are we going to provide enough food, feed, fiber, clean water, and clean energy in a way that uses our resources responsibly and sustainably for generations to come?  The group highlighted below is no exception.  These engineers are providing solutions to these challenges, and because of their dedication to the agricultural and biological engineering profession, have all been recognized in the Professionals category of New Faces of ASABE.  Would you believe they were all under 30 years old at the time they were recognized for their work?

We caught up with each of these New Faces of ASABE and asked them to tell us what they are doing now, and what being named as a New Face of ASABE has meant to them. Wondering what our College Edition winners are up to? Click here to read their stories.

*This is a change from previous years and reflects the ASABE definition of Young Professional.

LewisBrady Lewis – 2009
Program Manager – SSL/CTL Product Line, CNH Industrial

Brady coordinates cross-functional product development teams working on new products, features, and enhancements for Case and New Holland brand Skid Steer Loaders (SSL) and Compact Track Loaders (CTL).  He also manages current product improvement projects to improve field quality and reliability of CNH SSLs and CTLs.

When asked what being recognized as a New Face of ASABE meant to him, Brady responded with “It was eye opening to see how many people reached out with congratulations, from within my company, within the Society and even in my personal non-engineering life.”

ChristiansonLaura Christianson – 2011 
Assistant Professor of Water Quality, Department of Crop Sciences, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Laura leads the Illinois Drainage Research and Outreach Program (I-DROP) where their aim is to develop, evaluate, and refine practices that keep nutrients out of waterways. A cornerstone of their research and outreach is denitrifying 'woodchip' bioreactors, which are a simple on-farm technology to clean nitrate from tile drainage. 

Laura reflected on being a New Face of ASABE, saying, “It was an honor to be the "face" of ASABE to hopefully show younger generations the important work we do to produce food, fiber, and fuel in ways that allow us to maintain a healthy environment. Being a New Face opened networking opportunities within ASABE for me that have solidified my involvement as my career progressed.”

SamaMike Sama – 2012
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

Mike leads a research program in areas such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, unmanned aircraft systems, and variable-rate control.  He also teaches a number of undergraduate and graduate courses in instrumentation for engineering research, control of off-road vehicles, and component design.

When asked what being named a New Face of ASABE has meant to him, he said, “Being recognized as ASABE’s New Face helped give me the confidence that I could succeed in my profession. It also motivated me to be more involved with ASABE outside of the areas I was engaged in at the time.”

AndruchJohn Andruch, III – 2013
Combine Advanced Functional Engineer, John Deere

In his current position at John Deere, John is responsible for developing and testing concepts that improve the combine's capacity, grain quality and straw quality, as well as developing the test equipment that quantifies the combine’s output for these features.  Additionally, he integrates data from across the organization for analysis and data-driven decision making.  

John states that “it was a great honor to be recognized” as a New Face of ASABE.  “It also opened my eyes to how important it is for outreach and mentoring. Since then I have focused my efforts improving the ASABE 1/4 Scale Student Design Competition so that students can get an accurate representation of what engineering looks like within the field of power machinery. I have also been focused on mentoring within John Deere and helping the next generation of engineers discern what they want their careers to look like.”

RichardsonGrace Richardson – 2014
Engineering Project Manager, Alexandria Renew Enterprises

In her work at a wastewater treatment facility, Grace manages various projects within the fence at such as upgrades, new construction, and equipment repairs, from design and planning stages through implementation and construction. She also manages the collection and verification of data on energy usage, nutrient discharges, and greenhouse gas emissions to report to the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program, in which her facility participates.

Grace states, “Being recognized as ASABE's New Face has meant that I was able to get a boost of confidence in the work that I was doing as I was just breaking into the field. I was also able to get an audience with prospective employers that I might not have been able to get with less recognition. It (and, admittedly, the fact that I live in DC) has also meant that I still get to volunteer with ASABE for Engineer's Week and the Future Cities Competition, events that the New Face is usually asked to participate in. It's always exciting to see how happy and curious the kids are who participate in those events.”

DareAnne Dare – 2016
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow; Regional Embassy Science Fellow for Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Territories, US Agency for International Development's Middle East Regional Cooperation Program

In her two roles with the US Agency for International Development, Anne seeks to advance the state of science and cooperation in the Middle East region specifically as it relates to research in water and food security and climate adaptation.

Anne describes being honored as ASABE's New Face of Engineering for 2016 as a validation and support of her choice to pursue a non-traditional path for an engineering PhD. She acknowledges that the choice to leave academia was not an easy one, but feels her skills and passion have led her to a career in policy and diplomacy.


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