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Affirm Your Life's Work

Pharos_LawNow is the time...and the ASABE Foundation invites you to support the Society at the level that is most appropriate for you. Your tax-deductible contribution helps support important programming that strengthens, advances, and honors the profession.

Your gift may be made in one payment, as a multi-year pledge, or as part of your estate planning. Questions? Please contact Mark Crossley.

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Thank you to those who generously gave in 2017.

Your donations support outreach initiatives that positively impact the profession, such as grants that encourage professional licensure, scholarships that help students complete their education, and programs that honor the accomplishments of agricultural and biological engineers across the globe.

The cumulative gifts of our loyal contributors are acknowledged in the Foundation Donor Honor Roll

Donor Honor Roll: $2,500 +
Donor Honor Roll: $1,000 - $2,499

Recognition Levels
The Foundation is pleased to recognize your support at whatever level is appropriate to your financial and philanthropic goals. Pledges are welcome, and the standard period is five years. Immediate cash, tangible asset or negotiable-instrument gifts also are gratefully accepted. Negotiable instruments or tangible gifts will be liquidated upon receipt.

Legacy-Designated Endowment and Named Legacy (Amount necessary to completely fund the purpose of the endowment)

Diamond Key-$10,000 cash/pledge or $20,000 Deferred

Gold Key-$5,000 cash/pledge or $15,000 Deferred

Silver Key-$2,500 cash/pledge or $10,000 Deferred

Annual-President's Club-$100 annual gift or more

Member Giving-Less than $100 annual gift


Cooperative Standards Program Campaign

The ASABE Foundation offers you an opportunity to affirm your life's work by investing in ASABE's Cooperative Standards Program.  All it takes is a $1,000 pledge - payable over five years - to the ASABE Foundation Cooperative Standards Program Fund. Your Contribution will help ensure the viability of ASABE's Cooperative Standards Program in two ways.  One-half of your $200 annual pledge payment will directly support the current year's standards activity.  The other half will be used to build the fund's endowment for future support of the Cooperative Standards Program.

In recognition of the $100 that is used in direct support of the current year's activity, you will be listed as a contributor by the CSP Constituent Program for each applicable year.

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