ASABE Logo & Branding

The ASABE name and its octagonal logo have become internationally recognized through their use on Society publications, standards, letterheads, membership certificates, certificates of award, honors, awards and its membership pins and badges. The ASABE name and logo are familiar and highly regarded, and they merit safeguarding.

Those within ASABE who use the Society's name are logo may do so in accordance with the ASABE Brand Style Guide, linked below.

Groups and individuals outside the ASABE membership with a need to use the name and logo may contact ASABE about permission to do so.


Writing and Layout Tipsheet
We've assembled some great pointers on effective communications

Brand Guides

ASABE Brand Style Guide

Rely on this primary style guide for guidance on written and visual messaging, as well as specifications for colors, fonts, and logo use.

ASABE Brand Guide

ASABE Brand Guide


Supplemental Guides

These abridged documents are intended for use by specific ASABE Membership groups. They contain links to logos and other artwork that can be edited to reflect your group's identity.


ASABE University Chapter Brand Guide

University Chapter Style Guide

Section Style Guide

Community and Section Style Guide 

Brand Assets: Logos, Slide Templates, and More

Right-click on an image or linked text to download files.

As needs and technologies evolve, additional assets can be added to this toolkit. if there are other items that you think would be helpful, or if you would like to obtain the current files in alternative formats, contact Dolores Landeck.



Before using these files, review the requirements specified in the ASABE Brand Style Guide.

ASABE Core Logo



Core Logo 
Color PNG file (transparent background)
Color JPG file 





Core logo with Name
Color PNG file (transparent background)
Color JPG file 





Core Logo with Tagline
Color PNG file (transparent background)
Color JPG file 







Simplified Logo
Use only when space prohibits use of core logo and ASABE brand is otherwise clear
Color PNG file (transparent background)
White PNG file (transparent background)


Member Profile

A clear, concise graphic that describes the scope and impact of our work.

Member Profile

Horizontal PNG file


ASABE Member Profile








Vertical PNG file


Online-Meeting Backgrounds

Image of Light Version of ASABE Meeting Background Image of Dark Version of ASABE Meeting Background


Slide Deck