Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in ASABE is new group that is focused on providing networking, mentoring, and professional development opportunities for people with shared cultural experiences in agricultural and biological based engineering and technology fields.

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The group is open to all who are interested, no matter your race or ethnicity. To #GetInvolved in BIPOC, simply complete this short survey


Celebrating Black History Month

Follow @ASABE_BIPOC during Black History Month. We'll highlight contributions by members of diverse racial backgrounds to the field of agricultural and biological engineering.

Black History Month offers opportunity for growth and appreciation. Our challenge to you: Take one action per day to further our awareness and compassion of detrimental effects of structural racism of people of color in America. Need a little inspiration? Check out these excellent resources!


Conversations with Our Elders

In this important oral history project Janie McClurkin Moore and Mikela Pryor are joined by Sue Nokes to host a conversation with two of the first people of color to receive PhDs in the field of agricultural and biological engineering. Godfrey Gayle and Charles Magee. Their history and perspectives are an invaluable addition to the archives of the profession.