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 2023 Recipient
Dave Bjorneberg, PE

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Recognizes and publicizes those efforts that enhance the acceptance and efficient use of surface irrigation methods.

It's anticipated that the award and associated publicity will further the recognition of surface irrigation methods as practical, efficient, economical and not labor intensive when properly applied in conjunction with an adequately large flexible water supply, adequate equipment and adapted condition.

The award shall be international in scope since about 75% of the irrigated area in the world is surface irrigated. In the U.S. nearly 60% is irrigated with surface methods, thus, surface irrigation is and will continue to be one of the predominant methods for applying water to irrigated lands.

The Award is sponsored by the Fund for Furthering Flexible Irrigation (4FI) under the Merriam Endowment for Irrigation and Water Management at the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. The recognition item shall consist of a hardwood plaque that includes the depicition of surface irrigation and a metal plate engraved with the honoree or honorees name and award citation.

Eligibility: The recipient is not required to be an ASABE member. Awardees may be an individual, group or a project that successfully demonstrates and publicizes the value and procedure of upgrading surface irrigation methods to gain their efficient use and acceptance. The award may be given for a research project or paper; for a popular article or book; or for the design or construction of an effective surface irrigation system that advances surface irrigation recognition as an effective and efficient system. Preference will be given to activities that encourage the use of adequately large flexible water supplies essential for optimum use of water, land and labor with surface methods.

Submission Deadline: October 31

Nomination Instructions: Please view this document in order to find the materials required for a nomination. All award nomination materials are to be submitted on the Major Awards Nominations website by October 31st, linked on the right side of this webpage.

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