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ASABE Standards Projects, Adoptions, Revisions and Withdrawals

Most current projects are listed in the current ASABE Standards CD-ROM publication

Since the publication of the 2017 CD-ROM, here are the standards not listed in that document. For information on ISO activities, contact the ASABE Global Standards Administrator.

Projects initiated since the last publication (* indicates a revision to an existing ASABE standard.):


Electric Tractor Battery System – Test and Performance Requirements


Withdrawal of ANSI/ASAE EP502 DEC1990 (R2012) Adjusting Forage Harvester Test Data for Varying Crop Moisture


Shallow Post and Pier Foundation Design


Solid biofuels - Fuel specifications and classes - Part 4: Graded wood chips (PDF)

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New standards approved since the last CD publication:



Guidelines for Calibrating, Validating, and Evaluating Hydrologic and Water Quality Models

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Revisions since the last CD publication:

ANSI/ASABE AD6489-3:2004 JUL2017
Agricultural vehicles — Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles — Part 3: Tractor drawbar
ASAE S211.7 JUL2017
V-Belt and V-Ribbed Belt Drives for Agricultural Machines
ANSI/ASAE S318.18 JUN2017
Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment. Press Release (PDF)
ASAE EP496.3 FEB2006 (R2015) Cor.1 
Agricultural Machinery Management
ANSI/ASABE AD26322-2:2010 JUN2017
Tractors for agriculture and forestry  -  Safety - Part 2: Narrow-track and small tractors
ASAE EP475.2 MAY2017
Design and Management of Storages for Bulk, Fall-Crop, Irish Potatoes (PDF)
ASAE EP552.2 MAY2017
Reporting of Fuel Properties when Testing Diesel Engines with Alternative Fuels Derived from Palnt Oils and Animal Fats (PDF)

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Withdrawals since the last CD publication:

ANSI/ASAE EP455 DEC1990 (R2012)

Environmental Considerations in Development of Mobile Agricultural Electrical/Electronic Components (PDF)

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