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ASABE Standards Projects, Adoptions, Revisions and Withdrawals

Most current projects are listed in the current ASABE Standards CD-ROM publication

Since the publication of the 2014 CD-ROM, here are the standards not listed in that document. For information on ISO activities, contact the ASABE Global Standards Administrator.

Projects initiated since the last publication (* indicates a revision to an existing ASABE standard.):


Precision Planter Testing Terminology and Methods


Procedure for Determining Recommended Ballast and Minimum Rear Wheel Tread Settings for Agricultural Tractors with Agricultural Front Loaders. Press Release (PDF)


Recommended methods of measurements and testing for LED radiation products in plant growth and development applications.

X3776P3 2015Rev Tractors and machinery for agriculture – Seat belts – Part 3:  Requirements for assemblies
*X625.1 Drawbar Pin Dimensions and Requirements for Towed Equipment. Press Release (PDF)
X640 Radiation Metrics for Plant Growth Applications in Controlled Environment
*X583.1 Safety for Agricultural Front End Loaders. Press Release (PDF)
X355.5 Safety Practices for Agricultural Front-End Loaders
X5674 Tractors and machinery for agricultural and forestry — Guards for power take-off (PTO) drive shafts — Strength and wear tests and acceptance criteria
X497.8 Agricultural Machinery Management Data  
XTS28924 Agricultural machinery — Guards for moving parts of power transmission — Guard opening without tool
X370.5WD 2000-RPM Power Take-Off for Lawn and Garden Ride-On Tractors
X315.5 Agricultural Baling Twine for Automatic Balers. Press Release (PDF)
X3776P2 Tractors and machinery for agriculture — Seat belts — Part 2: Anchorage strength requirements
X276.8 Slow moving vehicle identification emblem – Upgrade to Incorporation of 3rd Color and Utilization of Reflectivity in New and Existing Sections
X641 Droplet Size Classification of Aerial Application Nozzles
X5675 Agricultural tractors and machinery — General purpose quick-action hydraulic couplers. Press Release (PDF)
X331.6 Implement Power Take-off Driveline Specifications
X12188P2 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Test procedures for positioning and guidance systems in agriculture — Part 2: Testing of satellite-based auto-guidance systems during straight and level travel. Press Release (PDF)
X23205.2014 Agricultural tractors — Instructional seat
X484.1 Diaphragm Design of Metal-Clad, Wood-Frame Rectangular Buildings
X629 Framework for Sustainable Agriculture. Press Release (PDF)
X17101P2 Agricultural machinery — Thrown-object test and acceptance criteria — Part 2: Flail mowers. Press Release (PDF)
X17101P1 Agricultural machinery — Thrown-object test and acceptance criteria — Part 1: Rotary mowers. Press Release (PDF)
X4254P12 Agricultural machinery — Safety — Part 12: Rotary disc and drum mowers and flail mowers. Press Release (PDF)
X639 Safety Standard for Large Row Crop Flail Mowers. Press Release (PDF)
*X279.18 Lighting and Marking of Agricultural Equipment on Highways
*X572.2 Spray Nozzle Classification by Droplet Spectra
*X324.2 Volumetric Capacity of Box Type Manure Spreaders – Dual Rating Method, Press Release (PDF)
*X422.1 Mapping Symbols and Nomenclature for Erosion and Sediment Control Plans for Land Disturbing Activities
X632 Agricultural Irrigation Data Exchange
*X318.18 Safety for Agricultural Field Equipment, Press Release (PDF)
*X582.1 Cotton Gins - Method of Utilizing Emissions Factors in Determining Emission Parameters

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New standards approved since the last CD publication:


Drawbar Pin Dimensions and Requirements for Towed Equipment. Press release (PDF)

ASAE EP260.5 JAN2015 Design and Construction of Subsurface Drainage Systems on Agricultural Lands in Humid Areas. Press Release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE AD10448:1994 NOV2014 Agricultural tractors — Hydraulic pressure for implements. Press Release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S516 OCT2014 Terminology for Forest Operations and Equipment. Press release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE/ICC 802-2014 Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter Standard. Press release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE AD5673-1:2005 SEP2014 Agricultural tractors and machinery — Power take-off drive shafts and power-input connection — Part 1: General manufacturing and safety requirements. Press Release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE AD5673-2:2005 SEP2014 Agricultural tractors and machinery — Power take-off drive shafts and power-input connection — Part 2: Specification for use of PTO drive shafts, and position and clearance of PTO drive line and PIC for various attachments. Press Release (PDF)
ASABE/ISO 12140:2013 JUN2014 Agricultural machinery — Agricultural trailers and trailed equipment — Drawbar jacks. Press Release (PDF)
ASABE S532 APR2014 Net Wrap for Round Balers, Press Release (PDF)

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Revisions since the last CD publication:

ANSI/ASAE S343.4 JUN2015

Terminology for Combines and Grain Harvesting. Press Release (PDF)


General Safety Standard for Agricultural Tractors in Scraper Applications

ASAE S207.13 MAY2015

Operating Requirements for Tractors and Power Take-Off Driven Implements. Press Release (PDF)

ASAE EP505.1 APR2015 Measurement and Reporting Practices for Automatic Agricultural Weather Stations. Press release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE AD730:2009 W/amd. 1:2014 Agricultural wheeled tractors - Rear-mounted three-point Linkage - Categories 1N, 1, 2N, 2, 3N, 3, 4N and 4. Press Release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE AD500-1:2014 FEB2015 Agricultural tractors — Rear-mounted power take-off types 1, 2, 3 and 4 — Part 1: General specifications, safety requirements, dimensions for master shield and clearance zone
ASABE/ISO 500-3:2014 FEB2015 Agricultural tractors — Rear-mounted power take-off types 1, 2, 3 and 4 — Part 3: Main PTO dimensions and spline dimensions, location of PTO
ASAE S435.1 JAN2015 Polyethylene Pipe Used for Microirrigation Laterals. Press Release (PDF)
ASAE EP408.3 OCT2014 Surface Irrigation Runoff Reuse Systems

Safety for Power Take-off (PTO), PTO Drive Shafts, and Power Input Connection (PIC)

for Agricultural Field Equipment. Press Release (PDF)

ANSI/ASAE S448.2 SEP2014 Thin-Layer Drying of Agricultural Crops
ASAE S407.2 SEP2014 Agricultural Drainage Outlets — Open Channels
ANSI/ASABE AD6489-3:2004 JUL2014

Agricultural vehicles — Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles —

Part 3: Tractor drawbar. Press Release (PDF)

ASAE EP258.5 JUN2014 Installation of Electric Infrared Brooding Equipment
ANSI/ASABE AD24347:2005 JUN2014

Agricultural vehicles — Mechanical connections between towed and towing vehicles —

Dimensions of ball-type coupling device (80 mm). Press Release (PDF)

ASAE S431.3 JUN2014 2000-RPM Front and Mid PTO for Lawn and Garden Ride-on Tractors
ASABE EP492.1 APR2014 Diversions, Press Release (PDF)
ANSI/ASABE S602.1 MAR2014 General Safety Standard for Agricultural Tractors in Scraper Applications

Thermal Performance Testing of Open-Loop Solar Ambient Air Heaters with Defined

Inlet and Outlet Conditions Press release (PDF)

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Withdrawals since the last CD publication:

ASAE EP340.2 Installation of Flexible Membrane Linings
ASAE S325.1 Volumetric Capacity of Open Tank Type Manure Spreaders
ASAE S373.1 Safety for Self-Unloading Forage Boxes
ANSI/ASAE EP406.4 Heating, Ventilating and Cooling Greenhouses
ASAE EP460 Commercial Greenhouse Design and Layout
ASAE EP236.2 Planning and Reporting of Tillage Experiments
ASAE EP480 Design of Agricultural Subsurface Drains in Humid Areas
ASAE EP481 Construction of Agricultural Subsurface Drains in Humid Areas
ASAE S485 APR2011 Implement Mounted, Screw-Type Jacks

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Recent ISO activity within ASABE (updated 8/15/2014):

ISO/TC 23/WG4, Sustainability
A New Working Item Proposal has been approved (ISO 17989-1"Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Sustainability - Principles") with ~16 pages of comments. A new Working Group 4 has been established and the US has named the following five (5) experts: E.B. Smith (Deere), Dan Mustico (OPEI), D. Murray (AGCO), M. Lyons (CNH), and Tom Skove (MTD). It is expected that this basis document will lead to sustainability projects from the various working groups.
ISO/TC 23/SC 2 (Common Tests) Updates 2012-09
Update on ISO 5700, "Tractors for agriculture and forestry - Roll-over protective structures - Static test method and acceptance conditions." A decision was made to modify the text of ISO/OECD 5700 to remove clause 14 (Extension) and have the text proceed to DIS balloting. The US approved the July DIS ballot with 5 pages of comments.
Efforts continue on harmonization of ISO 3776-2:2007, "Tractors and machinery for agriculture - Seat belts - Part 2: Anchorage strength requirements" with the associated OECD Codes. The US approved the recent DIS ballot with comments. Overall results will be available in late October.
A DIS ballot is currently open on ISO/DIS 12934-1 is "Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Definitions." This ballot will close early next year.
Part 2 (Codification for road-use) is related to classification for on-road use and may be published as a Technical Report. No further activity on this has been made available by ANSI.
A ballot is open to publish the current draft of 27850 "Tractors for agriculture and forestry - Falling object protective structures - Test procedures and performance requirements. A second DIS ballot closed in August and the US approved the draft with comments.
ISO/TC 23/SC 3 (Safety) Updates 2015-02

ISO has approved four new projects to develop or revise documents in the ISO 4254 series of standards for agricultural machinery. Press release (PDF).

More details on the portable grain conveying equipment project - ISO 4254-16 are available. Press release (PDF).

ISO/TC 23/SC 4 (Tractors) Updates 2012-09
The most recent International meeting of ISO/TC 23/SC 4, "Tractors and Machinery for Agriculture and Forestry - Tractors" was held in Oostende, Belgium in March of 2011. Rumors of a meeting early next year have not been confirmed.
Voting on the second DIS 12933, "Agricultural tractors -- Requirements for braking" closed and it was approved by a very close margin. Many comments were submitted by several nations. The US disapproved and submitted comments. Strategies continue to ensure the comments of the US and other nations are considered prior to moving this project forward.
The two New Work Item Proposals for the Slow Moving Vehicle Identification Emblem (SMV) and the Speed Indicating Symbol (SIS) were approved by the US TAG and International Committees. Ballots for a Committee Draft (CD) are expected soon, and a draft of the SIS component has been made available.
New projects related ISO 500-1 and -3 (PTO general and PTO master shield) were balloted and the US voted to approve both. Overall vote results have not been published.
A ballot on an amendment for ISO 730 Agricultural wheeled tractors - Rear-mounted three-point linkage - Categories 1N, 1, 2N, 2, 3N, 3, 4N and 4 closed recently and the results are expected soon. The US had voted in support of this amendment.
The amendment would replace Figure 2 and Table 2 related to the distance from PTO to lower link points.
A ballot for an NWIP to revise ISO 23205 (Instructional seat) is currently available for review and vote. The proposal would revise references so that the standard could be adopted without deviations to prescriptive clauses.
Ballots are finally available for ISO 5721 -1 and -2 (Tractors - field of vision to the front and field of vision to the side and rear) These are DIS ballots and voting closes at the end of the year.
  • This work is moving forward and is tied to related work in ISO/TC 23/SC3. The SC3 work activities are for non-tractor agricultural equipment and will begin when parts 1 and 2 reach DIS.
ISO/TC 23/SC 6 (Crop Protection - Spray) Updates 2012-09
This committee recently held a Plenary in China and the US was well represented. Continued emphasis on drift management, chemical use optimization, and worker exposure are apparent.
ISO/TC 23/SC 7 (Harvest Equipment) Updates 2012-09
A DIS ballot is currently open for ISO 5718 (Rotary Blade Requirements) and will close mid-November.
The part 14 bale-wrapper safety project is somewhat stagnant.
The 2012 version of "Agricultural machinery - Safety - Part 13: Large rotary mowers" was published in August.
ISO/TC 23/SC 14 (Symbols, displays, and manuals) Updates 2012-09 The 2012 International meeting was held in February (Paris). Many new symbols are to be considered including but not limited to the area of PTO speed & direction, emissions, powered lawn & garden equipment, agriculture equipment, and forestry equipment. There are currently five (5) ballots open on the various symbols and will close mid-October.
ISO/TC 23/SC 19 (Ag electronics) Updates 2012-09
The dynamic activities within ag electronics (serial control & data network, GPS, and animal ID) continues. The safety implication of their activities are apparent, but will not be reported here.

ISO/TC 238 (Solid biofuels) Updates 2014-08
The first seven parts of ISO 17225 are complete! Press release (PDF).

ISO has approved a new project to develop a standard for thermally treated and densified biomass fuels. The project is designated as ISO 17225-8. Press release (PDF).

ISO TC 283 met in Stockholm recently and made great progress toward developing several standards. Read about it in our press release (PDF).

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