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2017 New Faces of ASABE

Sporrer Adam Sporrer, MBA
Product Engineer II
John Deere
Ankeny, Iowa
BS, Iowa State University; MBA, University of Iowa

Hey, kids! Do you like drawing, building, and breaking things? Engineering could be the career for you, because that's exactly how Adam Sporrer describes his job. "I get to play with farm equipment every day," he says, "to see what works best." Growing up on a farm, Sporrer spent many hours fixing machinery and working in the shop with his dad, and now he's working with those products that he's enjoyed all his life. His job gets him outside, and talking with farmers, to help figure out what makes their jobs easier. The work is hands-on and challenging, but he knows he is impacting and shaping the agricultural machinery industry.

And, as if to underscore, the work-as-play concept, it turns out he's also impacting the toy machinery industry. "I was a lead designer on a real product that not only can be found in the field with farmers and at John Deere dealers," says Sporrer, "but it is also now an ERTL toy--the John Deere 2730 Combination Ripper."

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