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New From YPC: A Childcare Lounge at the Annual International Meeting

The Young Professionals Community is excited to sponsor a childcare lounge at July's Annual International Meeting, in Orlando!  A variety of crafts, toys, games, and entertainment will be available for use only in the lounge.  The rooms designated for this use will be  located immediately adjacent to the spouse/guest lounge and will be open on Monday and Tuesday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Wednesday from 7:00 am until noon. 

This childcare lounge will give parents—both Society members and their spouses—a common place to watch their children, up to age of 12, during the day’s events.  A centralized, convenient location within the convention center for parents to watch over their children at AIM will assist members in balancing their parental responsibilities with their desire to be involved in Society activities.  The addition of the childcare lounge during core AIM hours will give parents the opportunity to maintain a close and active presence within the meeting while still allowing them to entertain and care for their children during off-times.  It will also be a great place for children to be able to interact and make new friends!

A positive experience for a child at the ASABE Annual International Meeting may directly lead to that young boy or girl choosing an engineering career in his/her future, perhaps even in agricultural and biological engineering!

Those wishing to take advantage of this opportunity will simply complete a liability waiver prior to use and check-in upon each visit.  The lounge is not intended to be a drop-off, babysitting service: Professional caregivers will not be on-site for this service and parents will need to watch over their own children while using the lounge. More information will soon be available on-line in the meeting program.  If you have any questions, please contact Sharon McKnight at ASABE, or Shane Williams or Chuck Roth of the YPC Executive committee.   

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