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Association of Korean Agricultural, Biological, and Food Engineers (AKABFE)

AKABFE's mission is to (1) promote information exchange and networking among agricultural, biological, and food engineers who are interested in the development of agricultural and biological science and technology in Korea; (2) foster educational exchange programs between Korean universities and organizations and institutions in the United States of America; (3) facilitate the transfer of technology to and from Korea; and (4) encourage professional development among members within the ASABE.

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President: Chris Yeonsik Choi, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Vice President: Wonsuk “Daniel” Lee, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Past President: Bosoon Park, USDA ARS, Athens, GA  
Korean Secretary: Kyo Suh, Seoul National University, Korea 
U.S. Secretary: Seung Chul Yoon, USDA ARS Athens, GA 
U.S. Student Representative: Daeun Choi, U. of Florida
Korea Student Representative: Solhee Kim, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea

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