Welcome to ASABE’s webpage for Natural Resources and Environmental Systems (NRES) terminology. 

Using precise terms (and definitions) greatly strengthens the quality of technical communication, whether written or oral. Current terms and definitions are listed in the ASABE standard S526.4 SEP2015 (R2019) Soil and Water Terminology. The standard is available for purchase, or you may have access to the standard if your organization has a relevant site license. Also, access to individual terms and definitions has been provided to the public.

S526.4 SEP2015 (R2019) Soil and Water Terminology

Public access to individual terms

The ASABE committee responsible for this terminology is NRES-07 Nomenclature, whose goal is to develop and promote standardized terminology in the natural resources and environmental systems technical community. NRES-07 is in the process of reviewing its terms and definitions. Your input is welcome. 

If you wish to suggest a new term/definition that should be added, or propose a modification to an existing term/definition, please use this suggestion form, which is also accessible through this QR code: