1. Meets Acceptable Standards for Technical Accuracy
    It appears that this is true for most of the general material in the text. I have insufficient background to judge this issue on such topics as the theory of atomization. A problem solution set for instructors would help determine if there are technical problems with the practice problems. A section on drive systems would be helpful. Please see my attached detailed comments with page numbers and marked up copy. The resolution of Figure 7.1 needs improvement.
  2. Conforms to Published Guidelines
    This text does cover generally accepted concepts and does provide for logical development of material. The text is in need of a greater number of example problems, especially in the area of trying to tie theory to practical, real world design problems. I have made these comments to the authors before and do see some indication that attempts are being made to alleviate this concern. Units need to be reviewed for consistency. A nomenclature section should be added to the end of each chapter.
  3. Merits Publication
    The text definitely merits publication as it significantly increases the engineering emphasis of this subject. The authors should be commended for their efforts. However, a technical editor is needed to blend all of the chapters from different authors into a cohesive text. Reference style, schematics, equation nomenclature and problem format all must have a common format before publication.