Most Outstanding Chapter: North Dakota State University Theta Chapter
The Theta chapter is a growing and enthusiastic chapter. They continue to participate in the Sweetcorn project where members help plant and harvest sweetcorn for research projects, sell the products, and organize a social event to collect the revenue. This year the chapter instituted the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABEN) and Agricultural Systems Management (ASM) Peer Mentor Program into a university studies course that is required for first year students. The goal of the program is to increase student retention in the ABEN and ASM departments by creating a more welcoming environment and assisting first year students on a more personal level. As such, first year students were paired with upperclassmen mentors who lead discussions on academic and social topics and answered questions from new students. The chapter has plans to continue and expand the program into other departments. The chapter is also actively working to organize new events in the upcoming year, including hosting company representatives who will share their work experience with students.

Most Improved Chapter: University of Illinois Delta Chapter
The Delta chapter continues to grow their activities. The chapter continues to assist with an Engineering Open House for high school students and community members, blood drive for the American Red Cross, and a local food drive. This year the chapter collected textbooks and novels for World Wide Books. They also hosted a campus career services representative during a workshop on resumes and cover letters which was followed by a peer review of resumes. Additionally, the chapter hosted alumni during a career panel designed to inform students of possible career paths within Agricultural and Biological Engineering. The chapter has plans to increase community involvement with the goal of introducing local high school and grade school students to agricultural engineering. 

New Project Seed Money: Virginia Tech Eta Chapter
The Eta chapter continues to be well-rounded and active. The chapter continues to organize activities designed to enhance their department, including hosting student discussions on improving their experience within the department and what PhD students can expect during their preliminary exam. The chapter collected clothing and food for a local shelter and continues to maintain a memorial garden. The chapter worked to foster collegiality within their department by helping organize a fall welcome back picnic and a spring recognition banquet. Additionally, the chapter assisted in cleaning up a field-scale research project facility for their home department. The chapter plans to use the new project seed money to continue these activities, organize a career advisory panel for their students, assist with a creek planting event, and participate in an educational activity called Kid’s Tech University.  

Past Winners