After your manuscript is submitted, the review process is as follows:

  1. The ASABE manuscript coordinator checks the manuscript and the copyright transfer information for completeness and routes the manuscript to the technical community editor (via the ScholarOne system).
  2. The technical community editor (CE) routes it to the appropriate ASABE associate editor (AE) (or to a different CE, as needed).
  3. The AE sends the manuscript to two or more qualified reviewers.
  4. The reviewers send their comments and recommendations to the AE.
  5. The AE evaluates the reviewers' comments along with the manuscript and makes a recommendation to the CE. The CE evaluates the recommendation and notifies the author of the manuscript status. The manuscript may be:
    • Accepted for publication as is,
    • Accepted for publication with minor changes, with no re-review necessary,
    • Accepted for publication after substantial revision and additional review, or
    • Rejected. The subject matter is unsuitable for publication in any of the ASABE journals.

The comments of the anonymous reviewers will be forwarded to you, and also may be viewed at your Author Center at

When you are ready to submit your revised manuscript, return to your Author Center at ScholarOne and follow the instructions for "Manuscripts to be Revised." View the comments of the editors and reviewers, and respond to them by telling what modifications you have made in your manuscript or why you have not made the suggested changes. Then, upload your revised manuscript. The revised manuscript and your comments will be routed back to the AE. The AE will check your revisions and send the manuscript out for additional review, if necessary. When the manuscript is in its final form, it is approved for publication and the final files are routed to ASABE staff for publication.

Note that revisions must be completed and submitted within two months after you receive the reviewers' comments. Time extensions may be granted by the CE. Late manuscripts may be rejected.

The ASABE publication staff will send you an edited version of the manuscript for your review, followed by page proofs. Please respond to these proofs quickly. Only minor editorial and layout issues can be addressed at this time. If substantial changes are necessary, the manuscript will be returned to the editor for review.