The American Society of Agricultural Engineers publishes four peer-reviewed journals. Regarding open access (OA), three of the journals are hybrid (OA is an option for an article) and the Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems is fully open access.


Article Types for Journal of the ASABE, Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems, and Applied Engineering in Agriculture

The "invited" forms of the various article types are requested by the community editor (CE) or editor in chief (EIC) for a particular topic. Typically, these are review, frontier, and perspective articles. If invited, submit to ScholarOne your manuscript and a cover letter that includes the name of the editor (EIC or CE) that invited the manuscript and, if any, the number of page charge waivers.

Articles present original, important contributions to the research, education or design literature of interest to the Society. Up to 12,000 words, about 25 formatted pages.

Briefs present succinct, original, practical or preliminary contributions to the research, education, outreach, or design literature of interest to the Society, typically with limited scope. Up to 5,000 words, about 8 formatted pages.

Review articles critically review, synthesize, and insightfully organize recent literature on a topic of interest to the Society. These articles are often invited but may be unsolicited. Up to 12,000 words, about 25 formatted pages.

Frontier articles are often invited, but may be unsolicited, articles presenting a review, new results (if possible), and vision of recent cutting-edge engineering, science, or educational advances at the forefront of one or several ASABE disciplines. For unsolicited Frontier Articles, contact the editor prior to submission. Up to 4,000 words, about eight formatted pages, no abstract, limited references.

Perspective articles are often invited, but may be unsolicited, thought-provoking, clearly written, focused personal reviews, balanced viewpoints, or discussions of the interface between agricultural, food, and biological engineering and policy, societal, or global issues of pressing importance to the Society and written for broad readership. May be a synthesis and interpretation of a recent conference, workshop, or symposium. For unsolicited Perspectives, contact the editor prior to submission. From 1,000 to 4,000 words, about one to four formatted pages, no abstract, up to four figures, limited references.

  • Research Article
  • Research Brief
  • Review Article
  • Frontier Article
  • Perspective Article

Journal of the ASABE

This peer-reviewed journal publishes research that advances the engineering of agricultural, food, and biological systems. Submissions must include original data, analysis or design, or synthesis of existing information; research information for the improvement of education, design, construction, or manufacturing practice; or significant and convincing evidence that confirms and strengthens the findings of others or that revises ideas or challenges accepted theory.

Applied Engineering in Agriculture

This peer-reviewed journal publishes applications of engineering and technology research that address agricultural, food, and biological systems problems. Submissions must include results of practical experiences, tests, or trials presented in a manner and style that will allow easy adaptation by others; results of reviews or studies of installations or applications with substantially new or significant information not readily available in other refereed publications; or a description of successful methods of techniques of education, outreach, or technology transfer.

Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems

This journal includes a variety of article types (i.e., research articles, research briefs, review articles, frontier articles, and perspective articles) on the topics of hydrological, evapotranspiration, soil erosion, water quality, and biogeochemical processes; drainage, irrigation, conveyance, and reservoir infrastructures; agricultural, forest, peri-urban, stream, wetland, and coastal systems; microbial, organism, plot, field, farm, watershed, ecosystem, continental, and global scales and interactions; sustainability, resiliency, circularity, management, mitigation, recovery, and restoration approaches; and disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary perspectives, which integrate engineering and physical sciences related to natural and environmental systems. The journal encourages articles that consider systems thinking using a variety of multidisciplinary approaches including field and laboratory experimentation, measurement techniques, modeling, data analysis, decision support, and case studies. The journal invites articles from an international audience.

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health

This interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal is designed to foster the identification and discussion of agricultural safety and health issues. Articles written by experts in the fields of engineering, occupational safety, social psychology, public policy, education, industrial hygiene, and public health appear in this quarterly publication.

Your manuscript must meet the following requirements:

  • The material represents original, useful contributions to the agricultural safety and health literature.
  • The scope, purpose, and summary or conclusions must be stated in an objective, well-organized manner.
  • The article must emphasize aspects of safety and health relating to agriculture, or relate agricultural safety and health to other public health or occupational fields, issues, or concerns.
  • The information must be organized in a way that allows easy adaptation and use by others. The scope, purpose, and summary must be clearly stated.

Your manuscript should also contain at least one of the following elements:

  • Original research data and analyses.
  • Results of practical experiences, tests, or trials.
  • Critical review, synthesis, or evaluation of existing information.
  • Scientifically based discussion or proposal for advancing agricultural safety and health.

Research Briefs

When the scope and amount of information in your manuscript do not warrant a full-length article in the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, the manuscript will be designated a Research Brief. The criteria for publishing a Research Brief are:

  • It represents a contribution to ASABE's literature.
  • It meets the criteria of the Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health.
  • It presents observations and preliminary results of topics of great current interest.
  • It presents results that confirm or refute previously published work.
  • It presents a compilation of useful data.