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From the Executive Director

Darrin Drollinger Headshot
The Annual International Meeting—or AIM—is almost here, and if you plan to be in Anaheim I hope you join us for a night of trivia and fun being hosted by the ASABE Foundation and the Young Professionals Community.  Tickets are still available; however, this event will sell out.
Those at AIM will certainly be talking about the incredible generosity of Dr. E. Gordon Kruse who passed in 2019. The Kruse estate recently sent the ASABE Foundation a six-figure gift to be used “where the need is greatest.” A donation like this does not happen every day, so I was determined to learn more about who Gordon was. Fortunately, ASABE members Tom Trout and Allen Rider knew Gordon well and shared details about his life.
Gordon was originally from Nebraska and earned his BS and MS from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his PhD from Colorado State University —all in ag engineering. In 1957 he joined the USDA ARS Water Management Research Unit (WMRU) in Fort Collins, Colorado, and worked on irrigation well design, water measurement, quantifying evapotranspiration, and strategies for managing salinity in the arid Grand Valley until his retirement in 1993.  A prolific writer, Gordon and colleague Harold Duke were instrumental in capturing “A Century of USDA Irrigation Research in Colorado” for WMRU’s 100th anniversary in 2011. Tom Trout says: “Gordon was a true gentleman engineer and his knowledge and memories are missed.” We are blessed that Gordon included us in his estate and left a legacy gift that will make a difference for generations.              

Darrin J. Drollinger
Executive Director
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Become an ABET Program Evaluator

ABET logoAre you interested in contributing to the accreditation process of an ABE program at a college or university? You can make a significant impact on the profession by becoming an ABET Program Evaluator (PEV) for ASABE.

ASABE members from academia, industry, and government bring valuable expertise to the peer-review process. The Society’s membership in ABET supports accreditation of college and university programs in applied and natural sciences, computing, engineering, and engineering technology at associate's, bachelor’s, and master’s degree levels worldwide. Learn more about ABET.

Why Become a PEV?
  • Enhance program quality: PEVs play a crucial role in ensuring the programs offered to students are of high quality and relevance. This assurance helps employers trust that graduates are well prepared to enter the global workforce.
  • Strengthen expertise: Through comprehensive training, PEVs enhance their own professional skills. Continuous support and feedback are provided throughout the process.
  • Expand networks: Serving as a PEV allows you to connect with professionals from various sectors, disciplines, industries, and locations, often resulting in lasting professional relationships.
A university program that has a PEV on the faculty or advisory board has an advantage preparing for accreditation visits with inside knowledge of how the process works. The PEV’s experience visiting other programs expands a faculty member’s or advisory board member’s knowledge and may provide helpful ideas for program improvement. Join us in making a difference in education and your professional growth. Read more about program accreditation.

Contact Peter Livingston to learn more and to sign on as a volunteer.And if you're attending ASABE's annual meeting next month, look for the ABET table in the exhibition hall, where ASABE PEVs will be available to answer any questions you might have.

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Support the ASABE Foundation and YPC at the Annual Meeting


Last year's event was so much fun, we're doing it again!

Join us for a night of dinner and trivia in Anaheim.
Consult the 2024 meeting program for ticket details.



AIM 2024


2024 Annual International Meeting

Marriott Anaheim
Anaheim, California

There are only a few days remaining for online registration!

Now is your chance to add your tickets to attend some of the CPDs, socials, or tours you've been considering. The Foundation & YPC Dinner and Trivia will provide transportation to and from Downtown Disney for those attending.

Save time waiting in line at the AIM registration counter and add them to your packet before July 7!

For all the details of what to expect at the 2024 AIM, visit ASABEmeetings.org. We hope you can join us in California! 

Contact Jessica Bell with questions.

CBS Day registration continues. Add the option to your AIM full registration for $75 before July 7; the price will increase to $99 onsite. Not attending the annual meeting? Register for CBS Day (Sunday) only: $295 if registered before July 7, $350 onsite.

Bringing the Kids?
Need childcare services while attending sessions? Sign up by June 30 to reserve your time slots! 

T#1 Angels Stadium Back of House Irrigation System Tour
T#2 Spouse/Guest Lunch to Downtown Orange for lunch and some unique shopping
T#3 Queen Mary Tour in Long Beach
T#4 Orange County Water District Facility Tour
T#5 Hunter Industries Manufacturing Facility Tour

All tours include transportation and admission when required. Add them to your registration before July 7, some do have limited space-they may sell out before then!

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development sessions are nearly full. Consult the current program for availability.
All sessions on Sunday, July 28
CPD1 Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 8am - 12pm
CPD2 Data Analytics using Python in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, 9am - 12pm
CPD3 Using Artificial Intelligence for Machinery Design, 12pm - 4pm
CPD4 Large Language Models and Foundation Models in Agriculture: Bridging Theory and Practice, 12pm - 4pm
CPD5 Reviewer Certification Training, 2pm - 4pm


Before you head to Anaheim, get the lay of the land with our handy orientation tool. Explore the program and find technical sessions, committee meetings, and social events that fit your interests.

This is not the meeting app. The official ASABE Meeting App will launch shortly before the meeting.

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January 11-17, 2026

Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

ASABE is pleased to announce the call for abstracts for the Global Symposium on Sustainable Microirrigation Advances: Drop to Boom, to be held 
January 11-17, 2026, at the Punta Borinquen Resort in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.


Share your expertise at this specialty conference by submitting an abstract before the deadline of February 15, 2025. The submission portal is now open. The symposium invites research on five main themes:
  • Challenges to Sustaining Microirrigation into the Future
  • Technological Advancements in Microirrigation Systems
  • Role of Microirrigation Systems in Land, Water, Energy, & Food Security
  • Stakeholder & Community Engagement & Education Microirrigation Design, Innovations
  • New Techniques for Increased Crop Productivity
The expanded list of themes is available in the symposium brochure. Bookmark the symposium website where updates will be posted for full schedule details, registration, sponsorship options, and more.

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Publications News




Call for Papers: Climate Change Impacts and Regenerative Agriculture 

We invite you to contribute to our scholarly community by submitting manuscripts to our new open-access Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems, as well as our other hybrid journals and special collections.

These special collections are accepting manuscripts:

Constructed Wetlands – Manuscripts due September 15
Climate Change Impacts on Natural Resource and Agricultural Systems – Manuscripts due December 30
Regenerative Agriculture – Manuscripts due December 31

Just follow our step-by-step submission instructions. Consider also our special collections, manuscripts for which are due at the end of December. 

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New From ASABE Publications

Open Access Articles, Special Collection Articles, New Journal Issues


Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 30(2)
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 40(3)
Table of Contents or visit the Applied homepage
Journal of the ASABE 67(3)
Table of Contents or visit the Journal homepage
Perspective: Expanding Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research to Graduate Education
Working Duration Prediction of Electric Tractors According to Weight Reduction
Long-Term Benefits of Controlled Drainage
Reduction of Nitrate Leaching and Threats to Surface Water Under Conservation Tillage
Modeling Tillage Effects on Plant-Available Water by Considering Changes in Soil Structure
A Comparison of Yield Prediction Approaches Using Long-Term Multi-Crop Site-Specific Data
Effects of Long-Term Storage of Pig Slurry on Nitrogen Loss in Different Seasons and Storage Conditions
Effects of Drainage System Design on Nutrient Leaching and Crop Yield
Impact of Controlled Drainage on Crop Yield Including Within-Field Variability
Validation Methods for the Ammonia Removal of an Air Scrubber on a Poultry House Using the Acid Use and the Process Water Nitrogen Balance
Investigating the Physical Properties of Corn Varieties

Journal of Natural Resources and Agricultural Ecosystems 2(2)
Table of Contents or visit the JNRAE homepage
Feasibility of Predicting Subsurface Drainage Discharge With DRAINMOD Parameterized by Uncalibrated SURRGO Soil Properties and ROSETTA3
Prediction Of Chlorophyll-a As an Index of Harmful Algal Blooms Using Machine Learning Models Evaluation of Dicamba Drift Injury and Yield Loss on Soybean Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) and Multispectral Imaging Technologies
Diurnal Trends of Maize Canopy Cover Under Water Stress

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Standards Activities

Approved Projects
X562.2, Procedure for Determining Recommended Ballast and Minimum Rear Wheel Tread Settings for Agricultural Tractors with Agricultural Front Loaders
X647.1, Seed Cotton Module Identification System
X667-1, Moisture Relationship of Plant-based Agricultural Products - Part 1: Terminology and Formulas
X667-2, Moisture Relationship of Plant-based Agricultural Products - Part 2: Data for Major Grains and Oilseeds

New Standards
ASABE/ISO 12140-1:2020 JUN2024, Agricultural trailers and trailed equipment — Drawbar jacks — Part 1: Design safety, test methods and acceptance criteria
ASABE/ISO 12140-2:2020 JUN2024, Agricultural trailers and trailed equipment — Drawbar jacks — Part 2: Application safety, test methods and acceptance criteria

Withdrawn Standard

ASABE/ISO 12140:2013 JUN2014 (R2018), Agricultural machinery — Agricultural trailers and trailed equipment — Drawbar jacks

Press Releases
June 3, 2024, ASABE Revising Standard on Ballast and Tread Settings for Ag Tractors (press release)
June 11, 2024, ASABE Replaces Drawbar Jack Standard with Two Part ISO Standard (press release)
June 13, 2024, ASABE to Develop New Series of Standards for Plant Moisture Relationships (press release)

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Journals Name Superior Paper Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of Superior Paper awards within their technical community.

Energy Systems
  • Stephanie M. Herbstritt, Siobhan L. Fathel, Brett Reinford, Tom L. Richard, “Waste to Worth: A Case Study of the Biogas Circular Economy in Pennsylvania,” Journal of the ASABE 66(3)

Ergonomics, Safety, & Health
  • Sarah Andersen, Michael L. Pate, Judy Smith, Holly Clement, Rose Judd-Murray, “Equine Assessment Procedures in Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship Unmounted Programs,” Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 29(2)

Information Technology, Sensors, & Control Systems
  • Yang Wang, Yaguang Zhang, Dennis Buckmaster, James Krogmeier, Owen Powell, Laura Mayor, Neal Gutterson, James W. Jones, Graeme L. Hammer, Mark Cooper, “A Methodology for Combine Performance Analyses in Wheat Harvests with GNSS Data,” Journal of the ASABE 66(6)
  • Jianwei Qin, Jeehwa Hong, Hyunjeong Cho, Jo Ann Van Kessel, Insuck Baek, Kuanglin Chao, Moon Kim, “A Multimodal Optical Sensing System for Automated and Intelligent Food Safety Inspection,” Journal of the ASABE 66(4)

Machinery Systems
  • Xinyang Mu, Magni Hussain, Long He, Paul Heinemann, James Schupp, Manoj Karkee, Minghui Zhu, “An Advanced Robotic System for Precision Chemical Thinning of Apple Blossoms,” Journal of the ASABE. 66(5)
  • Carla Roman, Hongyoung Jeon, Heping Zhu, Javier Campos, Erdal Ozkan, “Stereo Vision Controlled Variable Rate Sprayer for Specialty Crops: Part II. Sprayer Development and Performance Evaluation,” Journal of the ASABE. 66(5)

Natural Resources & Environmental Systems
  • Paul D. Colaizzi, Susan A. O’Shaughnessy, Steven R. Evett, Gary W. Marek, David Brauer, Karen S. Copeland, Brice B. Ruthardt, “Data quality control for stationary infrared thermometers viewing crops,” Applied Engineering in Agriculture 39(4)
  • Abdolhossein Edalati, Yike Chen, Tyler John Barzee, Hamed M. El-Mashad, Ruihong Zhang, “Effect of Mechanical Solids Separators on Potential Reduction of Methane Emissions from Dairy Manure Storage” Journal of the ASABE 66(3)
  • Kritika Malhotra, Jingyi Zheng, Ash Abebe, Jasmeet Lamba, “Application of Sediment Fingerprinting to Apportion Sediment Sources: Using Machine Learning Models,” Journal of the ASABE 66(5)

Plant, Animal, and Facility Systems
  • Myra Martel, Shelley Kirychuk, Bernardo Predicala, Roger Bolo, Yingjie Yang, Brooke Thompson, Huiqing Guo, Lifeng Zhang, “Improving Air Quality in Broiler Rooms Using an Electrostatic Particle Ionization System,” Journal of the ASABE 66(4)

Processing Systems
None awarded for 2024

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NC State Claims Team's First 1/4-Scale Crown

NCSU Pack PullersNorth Carolina State University took top honors in the 2024 International Quarter-Scale Tractor Design Competition earlier this month. It was the Pack Pullers' first-ever win at the annual event.

Rounding out the top five finishers were, in order:

Kansas State University
South Dakota State University
Purdue University
University of Missouri

Twenty-one teams participated in this year's contest, including first-timers University of Guelph, and also the University of George, which had not sent a team since 1999.

The competition was held in Peoria, Illinois, May 30–June 1, at the Peoria Expo Gardens and the Peoria Convention Center. Many thanks to the steering committee and the dozens of volunteers who organized, ran, and judged the competition!

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Community News







Section Events

July 14
NABEC Annual Meeting

July 18
Wisconsin Section Summer Social

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PE Exam Study Sessions

Late-night studyingAre you preparing to take the October 10 ag and bio PE exam? We're here to help you succeed. Join us for a series of virtual study sessions beginning July 2.

Four sessions are scheduled; please register individually for each:

July 2
August 8
September 12
September 26

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