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  • May/Jun 2018 Resource
  • Guide To Consultants
  • ASABE 2017-2018 Member Roster
  • Special Collections by ASABE
  • Resource magazine – May/June

    From sustainable infrared peeling technology and biosensors to how climate change and CO2 emissions effect crop productivity and water use efficiency, this issue covers a slice of what is new in ag-related technology, including an explanation of big data. A celebration of twenty-five years of Resource and the 31st World Food Prize Laureate round out the issue.

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  • Guide To Consultants

    Looking for an Agricultural or Biological Engineering Consultant?
    The ASABE Guide to Consultants is a concise reference for finding just the expertise you need for your project. You'll find areas of expertise, contact information and states in which the consultant is registered as a professional engineer

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  • 2017-2018 ASABE Member Roster

    The new 2017-2018 Member Roster has arrived. It list's the new communities technical and associated committees. Lists members alphabetically, geographically, and by organization. Complete listing of committees, including description and appointments.
    Available to ASABE members only.
    Published in November 2017. 246 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, softbound.
    ISSN: 0743-5673
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  • Special Collections by ASABE Natural Resources & Environmental Systems (NRES) Community

    The Emerging Technologies in Sustainable Irrigation Collection includes 17 papers that address evapotranspiration measurement and determination, irrigation systems and their associated technologies, and irrigation scheduling and water management.

    The Evapotranspiration: Monitoring & Modeling in Multiple Land Uses Collection includes 13 papers that focus on ET monitoring and modeling research for multiple land uses and scales, including reference ET models, ET processes, ET simulation, and geospatial technology applications.

    The International Watershed Technology II Collection includes 4 papers that continue the themes of big data and data mining as applied to hydrologic and water-quality monitoring, modeling, and analysis from the 2013 IWT Collection.

    The Wetlands and Coastal Systems Collection includes 6 papers that provide tools and techniques for enhancing the protection and restoration of wetlands and coastal systems with emphasis on vegetation, hydrology, water quality, and planning.

    The Climate Change: Impacts, Mitigation, Planning, and Adaptation Collection includes 10 papers that present simulations of climate change impacts on soil and water resources and water quality, regional assessment of climatic shifts, and mitigation of livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions.

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About ASABE Publications

ASABE publishes over 800 information resources each year, including technical papers from meetings and conferences, peer-reviewed journal articles, a membership magazine, textbooks, reference books, and standards.  These are available in electronic format in our ASABE Online Technical Library.  Most are also available in print form and are described in our Publications Catalog.  Access to the full-text is a benefit of membership. University or company-wide access is also an option via site license arrangements. Searches and viewing abstracts are open to all.

The publications are targeted to engineers, scientists, technicians, and others interested in the subject areas covered by ASABE. Researchers, equipment or system designers, consultants, extension specialists, students, instructors, and other technically oriented industry and agri-business personnel are frequent users of ASABE information.

ASABE also publishes a series of books on agricultural equipment history. Collectors and others with a nostalgic interest in tractors and equipment used on farms from the 1800s to the current day will enjoy these books geared to a less-technical audience.


About Technical Library

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Electronic Delivery Option

All ASABE technical information, including journals, standards, meeting and conference papers, textbooks, and monographs, is being published in both print and web format. The online collection includes all journal articles since 1972 and other publication categories from 2001 to date. The site currently contains over 275,000 pages of technical content. Web access to the full text of this information is only available to ASABE members and those affiliated with institutions and companies purchasing a yearly site license. Abstract-level access is open to all.

The yearly license agreement covers the complete collection of ASABE technical publications. Site license agreements for individual publications are not available.

ASABE peer-reviewed journals, with 1972 (or first volume) to present online:

Biological Engineering Transactions (formery Biological Engineering) (ISSN 2162-643X) (Discontinued in 2015)
Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health (ISSN 1074-7583)
Applied Engineering in Agriculture (ISSN 0883-8542)
Transactions of the ASABE (ISSN 2151-0032)

Other ASABE technical publications, with 2001 to present online:

ASABE Standards 
ASABE Annual Meeting Papers
Conference Proceedings

Both HTML and PDF versions of most documents are offered. The full text can be searched or users may choose context-sensitive searching allowing them to search for terms in only specific fields, such as keyword, title, author, and/or abstract. Searches may also be limited to a specific publication type, such as peer-reviewed journals. The web site is located at Access for institutions is via site license with IP access control.

Site Licenses

ASABE offers site licenses for consortia, single institutions, and special/corporate libraries. The licenses are based on standard public domain license models. Fees vary depending on the user base and other details. See the price quote request form. Contact Sandy Rutter for pricing details and other information.

Paper Versions

ASABE will continue to publish all material on paper in addition to offering the web delivery option. Customers purchasing a site license are offered a steep discount on print if they are interested in acquiring both formats. 

Submit Journal Article

ScholarOne Manuscripts is the ASABE website for journal manuscript submission and peer review. 

Authors, go to for an overview of the process.  To submit manuscripts, post a revision, and update your information, go to ScholarOne Manuscripts.

Editors and reviewers: Check assigned manuscripts needing your attention.

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