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New Faces of ASABE - 2018 Winners

College Edition

GreesonAlexandar Greeson
North Carolina State University

A senior at North Carolina State University, Alex Greeson is the 2018 winner of New Faces of ASABE - College Edition. An outstanding student, Alex is also deeply involved in campus activities, including the ASABE Student branch and the Pack Pullers 1/4-scale tractor team, which competes at ASABE's International 1/4-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition

While serving as branch president this year, Alex and his fellow officers helped the branch win a $1000 leadership prize from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, by applying princples they learned in college-sponsored leadership training to managing branch activities. For his senior design project, Alex is working on a project to mechanize a portion of the process involved with harvesting, cleaning and baling pine straw for landscaping purposes. His group's proposed machine would sort dirt, sticks, and pine cones to produce clean straw and reduce labor.

Like many aspiring engineers, Alex was influenced in his career choice by mentors. His father, a structural engineer, spurred an interest in building and understanding how things work, and along with Alex's grandfather taught Alex how to construct and repair "everything from toilets to deer stands." Along the way, a family friend, a mechanical engineer, introduced Alex to motocross. Through that sport, he learned about engines, clutches, and transmissions. The enjoyment derived from learning about mechanical systems led him to his present field of study, which he hopes will lead to a job designing off-road equipment.



Farzadeh Khorsandi Kouhanestani
Extension Engineering Assistant Specialist
University of California, Davis

Farzadeh Khorsandi Kouhanestani works as an assistant extension specialist in agricultural safety and health at UC, Davis. Her career involves exploring agricultural safety and health issues, solving problems, and educating farmers and farmworkers. She aspires to make farming safer and easier for farmers worldwide.Growing up in a farming family in Iran, Farzaneh learned about farming difficulties and dangers. Realizing the importance of mechanization and safety for farmers’ life quality, she was inspired to pursue agricultural engineering in her bachelor and master studies. After graduation, e started her agricultural engineering consultant company. She also worked as a design engineer in an agricultural machinery company.

Seeing several farm accidents in her family and knowing that agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, she earned a Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering with a concentration in farmer's safety and health. Her industrial and research experiences resulted in designing, manufacturing, and evaluation of several agricultural machineries and safety structures. Her research resulted in several patents, peer-reviewed journal publications, ASABE posters and presentations, and several awards ranging from departmental to national levels. Recognizing ASABE as an avenue to make an impact on farm safety, she joined several ASABE safety and standard development committees.

Farzaneh holds a PhD in biosystems engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She also earned bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanics of agricutural machinery engineering, from Shiraz University and Shahrekard University, respectively, in Iran.

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