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2017 New Faces of ASABE

Singh Gurdeep Singh, EIT, PhD
Data Engineer
The Climate Corporation
St. Louis, Missouri
BTech, Punjab Agricultural University; MS, PhD, University of Arkansas

Ask why they chose their career and most engineers will explain that they have a persistent desire to understand how things work, or that they're constantly driven to find a better way of getting things done. Within agricultural and biological engineering, it's just as common to hear, "I want to make a difference in the world." Such is the case for Gurdeep Singh.

Growing up in the agricultural region of Punjab, in India, Singh learned early and well how difficult it can be for farmers to make a living, with conditions that often lead to deprivation, despair, and even suicide. "I believe that the farming community, who are feeding the world, should not themselves suffer from hunger and debts," says Singh. "Making their lives easier is what excites me about going to work every day." He aims to use his engineering expertise to benefit farming and environmental sustainability. In his work at The Climate Corporation, Singh is involved in a variety of projects involving process design and data retrieval and analysis. Insights gained from his work help farmers "grow more food with less money, so that everyone on our mother Earth can eat food and live happily."

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