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2017 New Faces of ASABE

Ramirez Brett Ramirez, MS
Graduate Research Assistant
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa
BS, MS, University of Illinois; PhD (anticipated 2017) Iowa State University

Brett Ramirez is building a career that impacts many living creatures, some with two legs and some with four. With his PhD nearly in hand, Ramirez has been conducting research on livestock housing and odor control, developing and testing sensor equipment to measure and improve the thermal comfort of livestock. New and innovative technology needed for reducing costs can help livestock producers maintain profitability. "I believe the research I work on can truly influence agriculture production in a positive manner and enhance the lives of producers, animals, and consumers."

He credits his father, also an engineer, with inspiring him in his career goals and work ethic. "He would bring home some of his work, and I would spend time with him going over the drawings and designs without really understanding, but the detail and effort that went into those fascinated me. We would occasionally drive by his job sites, where I was able to see the progress on a project. Seeing how he was able to create such beautiful and complex solutions to real-world challenges truly inspired me to be an engineer." Our world will face many food-related challenges in the near future, says Ramirez, "I am one of many who has the drive to address them by creating cost-effective and practical solutions."

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