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2017 New Faces of ASABE

CoverdaleKassie Coverdale
Associate Vice President
Terra Drive Systems
Brookston, Indiana
BS, Purdue University

Daydreaming with a purpose. That's one way to describe Kassie Coverdale's job. "I specialize in prototype design," says Coverdale. "I literally spend my days daydreaming about what I could do to improve the way we do things." For Coverdale, those "things" are the products in the agriculture and heavy utility truck industries, and her role in that industry is to be a creative problem solver.

A recent promotion to associate vice president places more managerial responsibilities in her hands, but she gets to enjoy prototype design. "A customer calls in with an issue, and the issue comes to me," she says, and can involve a trip to the field for testing, or dealing directly with the customer. Coverdale's creative skills were put to use even before she earned her engineering degree. While an undergraduate, she was a member of the award-winning Purdue Utility Project global design team, which designs off-road vehicles for sub-Saharan African farmers. The vehicles are built using only materials that are locally available to the end user, and they are intended to facilitate productivity and market access for the farmers.

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