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2016 Foundation Annual Newsletter

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Celebrating our 30th Year!

Since 1987, the ASABE Foundation has provided you with opportunities to help build a legacy to ensure that agricultural and biological engineering continues to prosper. Funds administered by the ASABE Foundation are used for awards, scholarships and special projects. Awards are given to those who have made exemplary contributions to the work of ASABE and the professions served by our Society. Scholarships are granted to promising students enrolled in agricultural or biological engineering programs. Special purpose funds enable ASABE to capitalize on unique opportunities for growth in our professions and our Society. Please direct all Foundation-related questions to Darrin Drollinger.

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The Foundation expresses its deepest appreciation to our Foundation donors.

Leaving a Legacy: From Inception to Reality

Established, endowed and awarded within a span of fifteen months, the Netafim Award for Advancements in Microirrigation honored its first recipient, Freddie Lamm, at the ASABE 2014 Annual International Meeting in Montreal. In a surprising, but appropriate move, the peers of Lamm selected him as the first award winner. Lamm was instrumental in establishing the award and working with Netafim to secure financial endowment. As a former SW-245 Microirrigation Committee Chair, Lamm has now made it possible for others within the field to be recognized.

Click here to read Freddie Lamm’s story on working to leave a legacy.

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Click here to view additional details regarding the development of your own legacy project.

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Foundation Board of Trustees (2017-2018)

President: Robert J. Gustafson

Secretary: Darrin J. Drollinger

Treasurer: James K. Koelliker

Carmen Agouridis
Edward M. Barnes
Ruth S. Book             
Larry D. Gaultney
Maynard M. Herron        
Michael C. Hirschi
Roger M. Hoy
Sherry L. Hunt
Ann L. Kenimer
Scott Mueller       
Charles Ogborn
Fred A. Payne
Dana O. Porter
John F. Reid
Mark R. Riley
Maury V. Salz
Sylvia L. Schonauer
Neal Stoffel
Daniel L. Thomas
Brahm P. Verma
Lalit R. Verma
Qin Zhang

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