Institution or Corporate Access to the ASABE Online Technical Library via Site License

Please e-mail your request to ASABE will send a price quote for online access for your institution or organization covering all employees and students.

  1. Please identify the type of institution:
        Other (explain)

  2. What type of access are you interested in?
         Single Site License (one campus or single facility)
         Multi-Site License (more than one campus or location)

  3. Name and e-mail of contact person.

  4. Complete name and corresponding address for licensing institution.

  5. If a multi-site or global license, list additional sites/campuses this online subscription will serve along with address information for each site or campus (i.e. extension centers, research facilities).

  6. List other institutions that are "partners," "affiliates," or "subsidiaries" of your institution who would have access to the online content.

  7. Approximately how many people will have access?

  8. Can anyone who is not an employee or student at the locations listed gain access to your online subscriptions? If yes, please explain.

  9. Approximately how many FTE are in engineering and technology?

  10. Approximately how many FTE are in agricultural and biological sciences?

  11. Provide website address.