2023 Winners

Beginner Division 
1st  place: Robopack (North Carolina State University,)
2nd place (tie): Precision Agriculture Automation Club (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) 
2nd place (tie): D.A.D. (Zhejiang University)

Advanced Division
1st place: 
Out of Bounds  (Zhejiang University)
2nd place: SNU Bot (Seoul National University) 
3rd place:  Huskerbot X (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) 

Best Written Report: D.A.D. (Zhejiang University)

Best Poster: ABE Gators (University of Florida)

All 2023 Reports
All 2023 Posters


The ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition is a student design event that allows undergraduate and graduate students to develop skills in robotic systems, electronics, and sensing technologies by simulating a fully autonomous robotics solution to a common agricultural process.

The competition requires teams to build a robot, or group of cooperative robots, which accomplish a simulated pre-, peri-, or post-harvest agricultural operation. The robots must be fully autonomous and able to complete the task without human intervention. The robots are small, less than 12”x12”x12”, and the challenge is typically executed on a custom-fabricated table. In past years, robots have been required to simulate counting and sorting, pick-up, pruning, transport, and precision-maneuvering operations.

The robotics competition is, by its nature, a very technical and precise competition. As such, the scoring for the competition is completely objective, and focuses on speed and precision with which the challenge is completed. Robots are not judged on esthetics, craftsmanship, or elegance, which allows for teams to create the most effective solution to the given challenge. In addition to the challenge itself, each team must submit a written report that describes the development and function of their robot(s).

Because the competition is held during the ASABE Annual International Meeting, the competition changes each year to represent an agricultural product of the region where the meeting is being held. 


The competition is open to all current student members of ASABE, both undergraduate and graduate. There is no maximum number of team members per team and each university may field multiple teams so long as their robots do not share components. Every team must have a faculty or staff advisor who will be their primary contact with ASABE and all competing students must be registered for the annual international meeting and have a meeting badge. Teams are encouraged to obtain funding for the construction of their robots and registration and travel to the competition through their college, student organizations, and sponsor companies. 

The 2024 Competition

At a glance: Autonomous robots will tend to strawberry plants on a brown 16’ x 4’ playing field with a brown, 4” tall border. The playing field has two rows, each containing between eight and twelve strawberry plants. Each plant has between six and eight stems, each with either a leaf cluster or flower. There are two divisions with different rules and levels of difficulty. In both divisions, robots score points by navigating the playing field; distinguishing between healthy leaf clusters, unhealthy leaf clusters, and flowers; and trimming unhealthy clusters and undesired flowers.  Note: although the theme is similar to that of 2021, please read the new rules carefully as there are many changes. 

2024 Competition Rules
This is a "living" document. To ask questions, simply post a comment in the attached document. Feel free to make suggestions to clarify phrasing and correct mistakes. You can save a copy of the accepted version of the document by choosing File - Download - PDF Document.

Robotics Competition Registration Deadline: June 1, 2024.
2024 Registration Form

Registration for the ASABE Annual International Meeting at https://asabemeetings.org is also required. (Reduced "Early Bird" rate is available until May 1, 2024. 

 Additional Information
Are you interested in helping organize, judge, or sponsor the ASABE Robotics Student Design Competition? Please contact the competition committee.


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