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2019 ASABE Standards Published.

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ASAE S580.1 Testing & Reporting Solar Cooker Performance Download FREE FREE
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ANSI/ASAE S279.17 JUL2013 Lighting and Marking of Agricultural Equipment on Highways

ANSI/ASAE S390.6 (ISO 12934:2013) DEC2016 Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Basic types - Vocabulary

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The 2019 CD & Flash Drive contains 275 current ASAE/ASABE Standards, Engineering Practices, and Data applicable to agricultural equipment and systems, irrigation and drainage, structures, turf and landscape equipment, food engineering, and electric power applications. Contains keyword and numerical standards index. Includes a list of active standards development projects and an index of related ISO (International) Standards Committees. A limited number of searchable Flash Drives are available.