Celebrate Engineering

Engineers shape our future. Agricultural and biological engineers see opportunities to uplift lives and livelihoods the world over. We're proud to work with some outstanding partners to grow public awareness of the transformative work accomplished by engineers and to spark interest in STEM professions.

Curious about the work ag/bio engineers are doing? Looking for a career path for yourself or someone you know? Learn about careers, read about the impact of the profession, and check out our New Faces of ASABE!

World Engineering Day - March 4 annually

A UNESCO International Day, World Engineering Day highlights the ongong achievements of engineers and engineering and improves public understanding of how engineering and technology are central to modern life and sustainable development.




Proud Partner of DiscoverE

Looking for more resources and information on engineering?

We're proud to support DiscoverE, a leader in public awareness and understanding of engineering. Check out their array of activity kits. and programs for practicing engineers and aspiring engineers alike.