ASABE's Fountain Wars is a hands-on, real-time student design competition that takes place at the Society's annual international meeting. Collegiate teams design and model their fountains onsite, and build and test their actual entries under time pressure.

Fountain Wars requires a modest design document and limited expenditures. The competition is primarily targeted at student clubs or participants in sophomore/junior-level class design projects. Teams will arrive at the competition with a design for their fountain, along with their assembly materials.

After making a brief, marketing-style promotion, they will construct their system during a 120-minute construction period. Awards are based on the written report, oral presentation, construction, technical tasks and aesthetic display segments of the event.

Cash prizes for top finishers, plus seven specialty awards!


The 2020 Fountain Wars rules are now available. Download

30 Jan 2020

Q1. For the lift task (Technical Task #2), are the different weights going to be taken out and added by hand? Would it be permissible to lift all the weights at once? (Submitted by UNL)

A1. The scoring is based on the highest lift for each weight. The judges must be able to get a lift height reading for each weight.

Q2. For the technical tasks, how will a tie be broken if multiple teams have ‘Full Pulls’?

A2. Additional weights and resistances will be available by the competition organizer to break ties. This will conform to the example materials provided in the rules.

10 Oct 2019
Team Questions (and Answers)

Q1. It's stated that you will provide the scale to measure the weight for the pulls, will the weight be measured before the pull, or is the weight recorded during the pulling? It doesn't state that the weight has to actually travel any distance also, is that correct? (Submitted by UNL)

A1. Think of Technical Task #1 as a tractor pull, we will be measuring the ‘pull’ during the task. We will record the maximum reading on the scale. This task does not include weights. The weight (or force of your water to move the scale needle) is how we will be quantifying your pull.

Q2. The scale provided has a maximum of 22 lbs, would that then be the highest weight that can be scored? (Submitted by UNL)

A2. Correct. This will be the maximum and will be considered a ‘Full Pull’.

Q3. I was looking at the Escalli H115 scale, and it looks like it only has an 11lb capacity, not 22. (Submitted by UNL)

A3. The correct scale model should be H2210 for a 22lb scale.

Annual International Meeting planning for 2020 is in full swing, and details for the Fountain Wars event will be posted here. We have our Fountain Wars location confirmed and it is in an excellent spot for meeting attendees to watch our competition. Please note that depending on the number of teams we have at the meeting, our locations may change a little bit. A location map is here



Fountain Wars in Action

2019 Competition, Boston

2018 Competition, Detroit