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Color images from various ASABE Standards

S424, Method of Determining and Expressing Particle Size of Chopped Forage Materials by Screening
      Drawings for a screen shaker (ZIP of PDF files)

S572, Spray Nozzle Classification by Droplet Spectra
      Figure 1 - Sample Graph of Cumulative Volume Fraction versus Droplet Size (JPG)

S579, Yield Monitor Field Test Engineering Procedure
      Figure 4 - Example Graph of Yield versus Distance (JPG)

S596, Recycling Plastic Containers from Pesticides and Pesticide-Related Products
      Figure 5 - Container with Dried Formulation that is Visible and Dislodgeable Residue. This Container is Unacceptable for Recycling. (JPG)
      Figure 6 - Container That is Stained But Has No Visible and Dislodgeable Residue. This Container is Acceptable for Recycling. (JPG)

S598, Procedure for Sampling, Measuring and Reporting Commingled Crop in Combine Harvest of a Subsequent Crop
      Mean and upper limit calculations (Excel)

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