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ASABE/ICC 802 adopted and available

ASABE/ICC StandardASABE and the International Code Council (ICC) have jointly adopted a standard for landscape irrigation sprinklers and emitters (sprays, rotors, multi-stream/multi-trajectory nozzles, bubblers, drip emitters, and microsprays).  The standard, ASABE/ICC 802-2014: Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler and Emitter Standard, is available for purchase from the ASABE Order Department (1-800-695-2723 or email our Order Department). 

The standard outlines minimum requirements for landscape irrigation devices to ensure adequate safety and performance, specify testing methods used to quantify product performance to enable component selection and specification in irrigation systems, and promote uniformity in classifying, rating and marking landscape irrigation emission devices.  It applies to sprinklers and emitters intended to dispense water from landscape irrigation systems onto a landscape. It does not apply to sprinklers and emitters for use exclusively within agricultural irrigation systems or hose-end watering products or valve-in-head devices.

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