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ASABE Standards Program

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Standards, Engineering Practices, and Data (hereafter referred to collectively as standards) are normally generated for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To provide interchangeability between similarly functional products and systems manufactured by two or more organizations, thus improving compatibility, safety and performance for users;
  • To reduce the variety of components required to serve an industry, thus improving availability and economy;
  • To improve personal safety during operation of equipment and application of products and materials;
  • To establish performance criteria for products, materials, or systems;
  • To provide a common basis for testing, analyzing, describing, or informing regarding the performance and characteristics of products, methods, materials, or systems;
  • To provide design data in readily available form;
  • To develop a sound basis for codes, education, and legislation; and to promote uniformity of practice;
  • To provide a technical basis for international standardization;
  • To increase efficiency of engineering effort in design, development, and production.

Standards are engineering requirements (specifications) prepared to define materials, products, processes, tests, testing procedures and performance criteria in an effort to achieve certain specified purposes.  They are developed and adopted because of a need for action on a common problem. Their effectiveness is dependent upon voluntary compliance with the standards adopted. Standards must accurately and specifically define the properties required without unnecessary, restrictive specifications that thwart originality or progress.

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