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ASABE Advertising Media Kit

Advertising Media Kit

ASABE Advertising Media Kit

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers 

Targeted access to 7,500 agricultural and biological engineers and related professionals. Non-members also have access to our content including Resource magazine, the Career Center, and the Guide to Consultants, and the Technical Library via site license.

Contact: Sandy Rutter, Publications, Phone 269-932-7004, Fax 269-429-3852,

Target your message to those who rely on what your business offers. ASABE members are found in more than 90 countries.

ASABE is recognized internationally for its technical leadership in all areas of biological, food and agricultural engineering, which include:

● Applied Sciences & Engineering                  ● Machinery Systems
● Education, Outreach & Professional Development   ● Natural Resources & Environmental Systems
● Energy Systems                                       ● Plant, Animal & Facility Systems
● Ergonomics Safety & Health                        ● Processing Systems
● Information Technology, Sensors & Control Systems  


Market your products and services to management and engineers responsible for making purchasing decisions and  recommendations.

Resource is available to every member of ASABE and non-members worldwide. Readers turn to the magazine for industry-related information and trends.

Strategic placement to maximize exposure. Special placement within the publication ensures high visibility and relevancy for your advertisement. Your message can be strategically placed for maximum impact.

Advertisers, except for job openings,  receive a free listing in our "Index of Advertisers".

A fully interactive digital edition of Resource is available via our website. Past issues are also posted online. Your ad may be viewed many times after it is published.  The magazine is available to all on the internet.

ASABE offers advertising in Resource magazine, the monthly newsletter (emailed and online), the Guide to Consultants (Resource supplement, print and online), the Career Center for jobs, and the annual Member Roster (print).

BUNDLE PRICING – If you wish to purchase a combination of several advertising formats at a discounted rate, please contact Ads in four or more Resource issues are already discounted.

Resource Magazine Advertising

Resource Magazine Advertising – Standard issues

Resource is published six times a year in both print and electronic formats. The magazine features trends, new technologies, issues, and applications related to agricultural and biological engineering. Resource is distributed to all ASABE members and student members. About 500 libraries and other institutions worldwide are also Resource subscribers. Individual articles are occasionally distributed to press lists or other public relations outlets to focus attention on agricultural and biological engineering.

AE50 Awards feature - Resource magazine selects and honors companies that have developed new products for the advancement of engineering technologies in agricultural, food, and biological systems. For an example of the AE50 issue click here.

Resource Standard Rate Per Issue
Size Rate for 1 to 3 issues Rate for 4 to 6 issues Complimentary Copies
Double Page Spread $ 3,000 $ 2,550 5
Full Page $ 1,500 $ 1,275 5
2/3 Page $ 1,100 $ 935 5
1/2 Island $ 900 $ 765 5
1/2 Page $ 800 $ 680 5
1/3Page $ 650 $ 550 5
1/4 Page $ 550 $ 475 5

Resource Magazine Advertising - Special Issues

Explore magazine - This special issue is published every three years as one of the six Resource issues. The most current issue published is September 2017. The next issue will be published in September 2020. Explore where careers in agricultural technology and systems management can take you. It is designed to showcase the opportunities in this growing field. In addition, it highlights students and job newcomers with interesting backgrounds and résumés and provides up-to-date career possibilities and job scenarios. Copies are distributed via Discover Engineering Family Day in Washington, D.C., the FFA National Convention, requests for career materials from individuals and teachers, and other outreach. See the most recent issue here.

Discover magazine – This special issue is published every three years as one of the six Resource issues. The next Discover will be available September 2018. Discover spotlights schools and students that are leading the way and promotes agricultural and biological engineering to prospective students.  It explores the academic, industry internship, and foreign study opportunities that are available. In addition, it highlights students and job newcomers with interesting backgrounds and résumés and provides up-to-date career possibilities and job scenarios. Copies are distributed via Discover Engineering Family Day in Washington, D.C., the FFA National Convention, requests for career materials from individuals and teachers, and other outreach. See the most recent issue here.

Rates below are primarily intended for universities that advertise in these special issues but can be used for any issue. These rates provide additional copies for distribution.

Resource Special Edition Rate Per Issue
Size Rate Complimentary Copies
Full Page $ 2,000 700
1/2 Page $ 1,000 300
1/3 Page $ 850 200
1/4 Page $ 675 100

Resource Magazine Advertising – Supplement Guide to Consultants

Guide to Consultants – Published as an additional separate supplement to the May/June issue of Resource. The Guide reaches potential clients who contact ASABE requesting assistance to find a consultant. The Guide will appear on the ASABE website for approximately 12 months at no additional charge. You may also publish your business card in The Guide, and other issues of the magazines along with the annual Member Roster. See the most recent issue here

Publication Format Cost & Publishing
Guide to Consultants Listing $90
Guide to Consultants Business card $95 (2 places – the Guide & May/June Resource Magazine
Resource magazine - under Professional Listings Business card $95 per additional issue or $250 for all 5 additional issues beginning with July issue, (2017: Jul, Sep, Nov, 2018: Jan, Mar)


Inside ASABE Newsletter Advertising – Email and Online

Inside ASABE is published monthly and distributed to ASABE members. Issues are emailed and then posted and archived online for public access. See an example here.

Publication-ready advertisements in the form of a single image are accepted. Images should be 150 dpi in JPG format.  The image may be linked to your website.

Two options are available for positioning:

  • At the bottom of the newsletter: Images should be 600 pixels wide and no more than 600 pixels in height.
  • Closer to the top of the newsletter, in a narrow column to the right of the main body of text, where the ad will be placed below ASABE artwork: Images should be 120 pixels wide and no more than 720 pixels in height.

Template limitations preclude placement of advertisements within in the main body of text.

For further information, please contact Dolores Landeck at or 269.932.7039.

Career Center for Jobs – Online

For job opening ads, go to For jobs printed in the Resource "Professional Opportunities" section, postings are also listed for 30 days free online and tweeted. Listing can begin online within three business days of final approval. You may make the online ad larger than the print ad at no additional cost. Prices start at $420. Advertisements are $140 per column inch length (column width is 3.5 inches) and include publication in both Resource magazine and online at the ASABE Career Center for 30 days. The price of an ad is determined after we receive it and format it in our style. To qualify for the free online listing,the minimum ad size is 3 inches (approximately 150 words).  If the insertion order is for two issues, the cost is $125 per column inch per insertion and includes a 60-day free online listing. Classified ads are non-commissionable.  See this example of the ad in Resource.

Member Roster

Published annually in the fall, you can publish your business card or other advertising similar to Resource.

Publication Format Cost & Publishing
Member Roster Business Card $140 (Nov)
Member Roster Other Opportunities See Resource standard issue rates above


Print Advertising Specifications

Rates for black and white and full color are the same cost per issue. Resource is an 8.375" x 10.875" saddle-stitched, full-color magazine published six times per year.

2018 Issues Space Reservation Ad Due Mail Date
Jan/Feb Dec 1 Dec 1 Jan 3
Mar/Apr Feb 2 Feb 2 Mar 2
May/Jun Apr 6 Apr 6 May 4
Jul/Aug Jun 1 Jun 1 Jul 6
Sep/Oct Aug 3 Aug 3 Sep 5
Nov/Dec Oct 5 Oct 5 Nov 2

Premium advertising positions and editorial adjacencies are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. All space reservations require a completed insertion order received on or before the sales close date. Invoices are mailed when the issue arrives at ASABE.

Magazine Ad Sizes

Size Width (inches) Height (inches)
DPS Bleed 17” 11.125”
DPS Trim 16.5” 10.875”
DPS Live Area 15.417” 9.5”
Full Page Bleed 8.625” 11.125”
Full Page Trim 8.375” 10.875”
Full Page Live Area 7” 9.5”
2/3 Hz. 7” 6.333”
2/3 Vt. 4.583” 9.5”
½ Hz. 7” 4.583”
½ Vt. 4.583” 7”
½ Long Vt. 3.333” 9.5”
1/3 Hz. 7” 3”
1/3 Vt. 2.166” 9.5”
1/3 Sq. 4.583” 4.583”
¼ Hz. 4.583” 3.333”
¼ Vt. 3.333” 4.583”


Note: Text placed outside the live area within any full-page or DPS ads may be cut off. Please keep text within the live area.

Artwork Requirements

All digital color and grayscale artwork must be supplied at 300 dpi. Line art must be supplied at 600 dpi. High-res PDF, EPS, TIFF, and high-res JPEG files are accepted.


All color artwork must be in CMYK Mode, black and white artwork must be in either grayscale or bitmap mode.

RGB Mode artwork is not accepted and if supplied will be converted to CMYK Mode which will result in a color shift.

All screen and printer fonts as well as linked images must be supplied if not embedded in the file.

Send ad material to Melissa Miller at

Membership Demographics

The following information represents data as of 12/31/2017.  Membership consists of approximately 6,500 full members and 1,000 student members.  About 80% of members are in the United States, 8% in Canada, and 12% in other countries.  The average age is 51.  Women represent 13% of members, 31% of students, and 16% overall.

Group Percentage Notes
Industry 43% Includes agribusiness, consultant, distributor, farm producer, component manufacturer, equipment manufacturer, processor, supplier
University 31% Includes university/school, library
Government 11% Includes experiment station, government agency
Undeclared 15%  
Data as of 12/31/2017

Rev. 2/6/18

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