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Proud-Member Testimonials

ASABE members come from all walks of life and almost every corner of the globe. It's the common goal of creating a sustainable world that draws them all together. ASABE is proud to serve its members, and, it turns out, members are pretty proud of their affiliation with us too!

What does your membership mean to you? Send us a message and tell us. We'd love to feature you too. New to ASABE and ready to join? Click here for applications and additional information.

Garey Fox


“I am a proud member of ASABE because the Society connected me with outstanding peers, mentors, and friends that have made a lasting impact on my professional career and offered me opportunities to interact with and influence the next generation of engineers.” Garey Fox, Professor and Department Head, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University


Ganesh Bora

"Thanks to ASABE for providing a strong platform on which to interact and work with engineers, scientists, and policy makers from different continents. Working on the fields of Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, and Thailand for precision agriculture, teaching advanced agricultural technology management in the classrooms in Kazakhstan, or working with professors in Romania, Nigeria, and China; it has always been an adventure."  Ganesh Bora, PhD, assistant professor,  Department of Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering, North Dakota State University (at left in photo)

Proud Member 

"Being a part of ASABE has made me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself, and the people I have met both motivate and inspire me."  Rachel Norton, 2014-2015 IPC treasurer and student , University of Kentucky 
(second from right in photo)


Norm Scott

"The many experiences within ASABE have had a profound influence on my professional career and in my personal life. I have always perceived ASABE as a “can do” Society that can and does make a difference through the commitment and actions of its diverse members."  Norm Scott, professor emeritus, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University



Isaya Kisekka 

"Becoming a member and actively participating in ASABE helped me to appreciate the diverse contributions agricultural and biological engineers make in society. Through my years of membership, I have participated in meetings and served on various technical committees, which has availed me the opportunity to meet great people that have been an inspiration to me in my career." Isaya Kisekka, assistant professor, Irrigation Engineering and Agricultural Water Management, Kansas State University



 “My affiliation with ASABE was invaluable throughout my college education at Oklahoma State and my membership with the organization continues to pay dividends for my professional career. I am proud to say I am a more effective engineer and a better John Deere employee because of ASABE.” Scott Clark, systems engineer, John Deere Global Crop Harvesting





"ASABE helped to usher me into my profession as a student and I never looked back. Moving from student branch president to IPC president, then onto YPC chairman and finally Society Trustee, ASABE has provided me numerous opportunities to grow as a leader and to make impacts on my colleagues and the profession.  It has also generated friends and colleagues too numerous to count, and is truly my extended family, a family which I’ve been happy to share with my wife and immediate family. My life would certainly not be as rich or full had it not been for ASABE." Chad Yagow, project manager, John Deere Technology Innovation Center




"ASABE has been a mainstay in my wide-ranging professional career. My membership has been extremely valuable in helping me maintain professional ties in the very broad field of agricultural and biological engineering, and also in staying up to date with the latest engineering ideas and concepts in my fields. ASABE has also been a great way for me to recruit and hire promising young engineers! Those who show initiative and interest in professional development are most likely to succeed, and I look for membership in a professional society when I am hiring people."  Ruth Book, Ph.D., P.E., state conservation engineer,  USDA – Natural Resources Conservation Service



"For the past 25 years ASABE has given me many opportunities to actively engage in almost all levels of the Society, which has allowed me to interact with lot of individuals around the world to fulfill ASABE’s mission of bringing sustainable food, fiber, timber, feed, and fuel to an ever-growing world population. Through these interactions I am able to raise the level of the international reputation of the Society and give back to the community by participating in several volunteer positions. Thanks a million, ASABE!" 
Kasiviswanathan Muthukumarappan, professor and graduate coordinator, Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, South Dakota State University 


"The opportunity to advance ASABE and promote our profession in the global arena, while pursuing sustainable solutions to food, water, and energy challenges in light of the changing climate, has been most gratifying. Thank you ASABE." 
Lalit R. Verma, Ph.D., P.E., professor and department head, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department, University of Arkansas





Carmen Argouridis"ASABE played a key role in helping me become the engineer I am today. As an undergraduate student, I joined ASABE and attended my first professional meeting where I discovered my passion: restoring ecosystems and teaching. Over the years, ASABE has helped me grow as an engineer by providing me with opportunities to network with some of the best and brightest engineers from all over the world. Every summer I look forward to attending the AIM where I reconnect with colleagues, share ideas, and explore new opportunities. ASABE will always be a part of my professional family." Carmen Agouridis, Ph.D., P.E., associate professor, Department of Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky (second from left in photo)

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