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YPC is looking for -03 Standards Representatives

If you’ve ever wanted to gain experience in developing and understanding standards, then the Young Professionals Community (YPC)  has a great opportunity. The standards committees from each of the nine current Technical communities—identifiable by their -03 designation—allows a liaison from the YPC to be an active committee member.

ASE - Applied Sciences & Engineering
EOPD - Education, Outreach, & Professional Development
ES - Energy Systems
ESH - Ergonomics, Safety, & Health
ITSC - Information Technology, Sensors, & Control Systems
MS - Machinery Systems
NRES - Natural Resources & Environmental Systems
PAFS - Plant, Animal, & Facility Systems
PS - Processing Systems

Standards are an important part of ASABE.  A standard provides engineers with an engineering tool.  This tool may be informational, define best practices, set minimum safety requirements, or define a common method for testing.  To look at how these documents are developed in ASABE we need to look at the Standards Council and the -03 committees.  The Standards Council governs the Society’s standards development.  This includes defining the process of standards development and handling any external standards processes.  The Council is made up of representatives from: the -03 committee in each ASABE technical community, the T-13 committee, the US TAG to ISO/TC 23 (Technical Advisory Group for the ISO committee on tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry), and other committees and communities.

The -03 committees in each technical community are responsible for guiding the development of standards.  This involves making sure that the standard is one that the Society should be working on, as well as ensuring that due process is followed.  This means that the standards have been developed and reviewed by engineering experts  on the subject and represent  suitable engineering content for the purpose of the standard. ASABE's development procedures are approved by the American National Standards Institute. Conformance to ASABE standards is voluntary.

Each -03 committee is made up of ASABE members appointed by the committee as well as several liaison positions.  Liaisons are non-voting members whose purpose is to provide an information input from other bodies, YPC for example. The YPC -03 representatives provide a means of information exchange between the 03 committees and YPC.  It also provides a means of learning the standards process for YPC members. 

From personal experience, being a YPC -03 representative allows a person to see standards that are in the process of being developed.  It also provides an opportunity to “peel the onion” of standards development. If you are interested in being a YPC -03 representative, please e-mail

Cale Boriack
Project Engineer
CNH Industrial


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