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YPC Restructuring

By Tim Mains

It’s been a year of change for the Society.  The committee restructuring has allowed all committees to do a self-evaluation of their role with the society.  This restructuring (shown below; click image to expand) reflects the Society’s ever-changing membership and their interests. 

TechReorgThe Young Professionals, or YPC, consisting of the younger spectrum of the ASABE members, has decided to also reorganize itself to encourage involvement and provide opportunity for leadership. 

Our restructuring very much mirrors the societal restructuring, but on a much smaller scale and, of course, with our little flare.  Our structure is based on the direction we want to take YPC, which consists of three “levels” of committees that are under the guidance of the Executive Committee.  The first level is composed of the committees to handle events occurring at the Annual International Meeting (AIM).  The second level is composed of the committees that attempt to increase the involvement of the Young Professionals in ASABE with both YPC and the Society itself.  The third level is composed of the committees that are responsible for other events that YPC plans or is involved with.

All of this talk about how YPC is structured is all very interesting, but I’m betting what you really want to know is what YPC does and where that falls within our new structure. Well, that part is next.

YPCreorgYP-01, the Executive Committee, consists of 6 officers: the chair, the past/vice chair, and 4 reps which serve as the representatives to ASABE councils (Membership Development, Standards, Publications, and Meetings) on behalf of the YPC.  They are also responsible for overseeing, helping with the planning, and campaigning for YPC and its events.

YPC isn’t just about business: we also like to have fun. That is why YP-101, AIM Social/Educational Events, exists. This committee plans the social and educational events that YPC hosts at AIM. This includes the YPC social, the Fun Run, tours, some spouse events, and the All In Good Fun competition. 

In contrast to YP-101, YP-102 (AIM Development Events) plans more of the professional YPC events at AIM (the one’s you tell your boss about).  Some of these in include the Continuing Professional Development, the What You Didn’t Know About ASABE, and Business and Management 101 sessions as well as graduate student events and the YPC booth.

The YP-201, Member Communications, committee deals with reaching out to the YPC. Some of the things they deal with are the YPC Blog, YPC Video, and Sectional ASABE activities. 

What most people don’t know is that most graduate students are actually considered Young Professionals.  We want to include graduate students more in the YPC activities, which is why YP-202, Graduate Student Outreach, exists.  The goal of this committee is to work with the graduate students, YPC, and the Society as a whole to further the communication between the various groups.

The YPC does more than events at AIM, which is why YP-301 (Special Events) exists.  This committee helps with the planning of events outside of AIM, which includes the Professional Conference Team, E-Week (which ASABE is co-chairing in 2015), and the Order of the Engineer.

The final committee is YP-302, which is responsible for planning the new YPC sponsored Specialty Conference that is occurring in Fall 2015.  This conference is targeted towards Young Professionals who want to become more involved in ASABE but are unable to attend AIM. This Young Professional Development Workshop will be a short (~2 days) conference at a central location that aims to develop non-technical “soft skills” that are essential for Young Professionals to succeed in their careers.  More details (location, date, hotel information, etc.) will be posted on the YPC blog as time progresses.

So there it is- the new YPC structure.  As ASABE continues to evolve, so does its structure.  YPC is just trying to keep up with the times.  We may even add or remove committees as time progresses, it just depends on ASABE, YPC, and their members.  But for now, this is what and how we are.

As always, if you are interested in becoming involved with YPC, feel free to contact the chair, Jonathan “Chuck” Roth, or any of the other officers. 

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