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PowerPoint Presentations & Webinar Recordings

Please feel free to contact the presenters directly with questions you may have on any of this material.

Fundamentals of Fluid Flow, Sizing PumpsSue Nokes, University of Kentucky   
          PPT Presentation   Handout   Webinar Recording (Dec 2015)

Sizing Fans, Psychrometrics Review, Drying of Biological Products
Sue Nokes, University of Kentucky
          Handout 1   Handout 2   Handout 3   Handout 4   Handout 5   Handout 6   Webinar Recording (Dec 2015)

Soil & Water Fundamentals:
 Michael Hirschi, University of Illinois
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Jan 2016)

Soil & Water Management: Michael Hirschi, University of Illinois
          PPT Presentation

Hydrology & Hydraulics: Michael Hirschi, University of Illinois
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Feb 2016)

Soils Physics & Mechanics: Rabi Mohtar, Texas A&M University
         PPT Presentation 

Statistics & Engineering Economics Review: Marybeth Lima, Louisiana State University
          PPT Presentation   Handout   Webinar Recording (Feb 2017)

Material Properties: Steven Hall, Louisiana State University
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Feb 2016)

Engines, Fluid Power, & Power Transmission:
 Dennis Buckmaster, Purdue University
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Feb 2016)

Machine Design: Larry Stikeleather, North Carolina State University 
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Mar 2016)

Process Engineering: Mark Casada, USDA ARS
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Marh 2016)  Handout 1   Handout 2   Handout 3

Ventilation & Animal Facilities:
 Doug Overhults, University of Kentucky
          PPT Presentation   Handout (Mar 2016)

Circuits, Controls, & Sensors: Robert Gustafson, Ohio State University
          PPT Presentation   Webinar Recording (Mar 2016)

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