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Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam Review Webinar Series

To assist you in your goal of becoming licensed, the Professional Engineering Institute (PEI) of ASABE is pleased to bring you a free webinar series designed to help you prepare for the Principles and Practice (PE) Exam in Agricultural & Biological Engineering in the US.  

Webinars were or will be presented by instructors from across the United States. Each approximate two-hour segment focuses on one topic, collectively providing basic refreshers on the range of topics addressed by the Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam. Fundamental principles will be reviewed and example applications demonstrated in problems similar to those that might appear on the exam. Click here to see the exam specifications. Practice exam questions have been developed and are posted here.

It is assumed that participants have at least a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in engineering, several years' experience applying engineering principles, and some exposure to most of the topic areas on the exam.

The information provided in the webinars is not applicable to engineering licensure outside the USA.

Ag & Bio PE Exam Review Webinars 


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