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The Professional Engineering Institute of ASABE (PEI) is a not-for-profit professional and technical institution within ASABE. Founded in 1994, PEI provides a forum for engineers to understand and take action on issues affecting the vitality and continuity of the engineering profession in agricultural, food, and biological systems. PEI's central objective is to promote the economic and social well being of the general public and of the PEI membership by providing a program to expand the application of sound engineering practices. PEI strives to foster the ideals of the professional engineer and to help the public understand the diverse and unique knowledge base the profession represents. The institute seeks to demonstrate how the profession can and does advance the quality of life and general welfare. To accomplish these broad goals, PEI works closely with people who are responsible for resolving society's technical problems to ensure that those individuals recognize the value of agricultural, food, and biological systems engineering expertise and the potential for the beneficial use of that expertise.

Why Join PEI?

  1. Support and promote:
    a. The licensing process
    b. Agricultural Engineering professionals
  2. Promote becoming a licensed professional because it benefits the:
    a. Individuals by identifying a level of expertise that cannot be promoted by non-licensed individuals
    b. Society as a whole by making the agricultural engineering designation more credible
  3. Provide educational opportunities to members by:
    a. Preparing individuals to take the PE exam
    b. Providing continuing education courses
    c. Providing educational materials

How to become a PEI Member

To be eligible for membership in PEI you must be a member of ASABE and be either a licensed engineer or hold an Engineering Intern classification provided the classification has been in existence for less than 10 years.

PEI charges annual membership dues of $30. These dues are used to fund projects that are above and beyond the society's base financial support. You can join PEI on your annual dues invoice or by contacting Tina Schultz by e-mail or calling directly at 1-800-371-2723 x 7028 (US and Canada).

2016-2017 PEI Officers

Chair: Anissa Purswell
Past Chair: Carolyn Jones
Secretary/Teasurer: Brady Lewis

PEI Bylaws

The Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam

Exam Preparation Resources

The Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE exam is held in April of each year. 

Thinking about taking the Ag & Bio Eng PE exam? We give you the tools for your success, including a free webinar series. Check out the links below, and be sure to read Jay Harmon's article on the importance of licensure.

Ag/Bio Eng PE Exam Reference List
Electronic Reference Materials
ASABE Standards Reference Collection for Takers of the Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam
Webinar Series Offers Ag & Bio Eng PE Exam Preparation
NCEES Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE Exam Specifications
FE Exam & FE Reference Handbook

Mentor Program for First-Time Takers of the Ag Eng PE Exam

If you're planning to take the Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE exam and would like to be paired with a mentor who can share firsthand knowledge of what to expect, please send a message to Mark Crossley and we'll be happy to pair you with someone who has taken and passed the exam within the last few years. The mentoring program will be conducted electronically, and once a mentor/mentee pairing has been made, contact information (name and e-mail address) will be shared with each party. This benefit is only offered for ASABE members. To join, please click here.

2018 Ag & Bio Eng PE Exam First-Time & Repeat Taker Financial Incentives

Need an incentive to take the new Agricultural & Biological Engineering PE exam? This next exam will be offered in April 2018 and ASABE's Professional Engineering Institute, the Dale Wm. Zimmerman PE Fund and the Board of Trustees have again committed funding for two incentives aimed at encouraging members to take this exam. See the exam specifications here.

First-Time Taker Incentive Details

Repeat Taker Incentive Details

Ag & Bio Eng PE Practice Exam

Below, please find a series of practice questions to help you prepare for the Ag & Bio Eng PE exam. 

Practice Exam

Common Systems Applications

Natural Resources & Ecology

Process Engineering



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