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Fountain Wars Design Competition


The winning team from the University of Florida celebrates their 2015 victory.

Congratulations to the 2016 Winners!

1st  Place – University of Nebraska
Mitch Maguire, Anna Siebe, Paulina Guzek, Doug Rowen, Julia Franck

2nd Place – Kansas State University
Alison Cioffi, Devon Bandad, Aaron Akin, Alexander, Cody Deas, Teddy Gillespie, Angelica White, John Wempe, Jesse Laning, Joe Hewitt, Jessica Stanton, Krista Long, Kathrine Kellogg 

3rd Place – University of Florida
Bailey Harrell, Alexis Moran, Jaclyn Noelle Rabideau, Michael McGowan, Chadley Buckley, Paul Lengemann, Julia Richter, Leah Potts, Robert Landrum, Mackenzie, Margaret Bello, Claryn Chappel

Fountain Wars is a hands-on, real-time design competition where students design and model their entry on-site at the Annual International Meeting (AIM), and build and test their actual entry under time pressure during the competition at the AIM.

Fountain Wars requires a modest design document and limited expenditures. As such, it is primarily targeted at student clubs or participants in sophomore/junior-level class design projects. Teams will arrive at the competition with a design for their fountain, along with the necessary PVC pipe, couplers, fittings, valves, nozzles, and pumps to assemble their design. After making a brief, marketing-style promotion, they will construct their system during a 120-minute construction period.

Awards are based on scores of the written report, oral presentation, construction, technical tasks and aesthetic display segments of the event.

Cash prizes for top three finishers - $1,250, $1,000 and $750, plus seven specialty awards of $100 each.

2017 Competition Rules & Regulations

Past Winners
2016: University of Nebraska
2015: University of Florida
2014: University of Nebraska
2013: University of Illinois
2012: University of Tennessee
2011: Kansas State University
2010: Iowa State University
2009: Texas A & M University
2008: Texas A & M University
2007: Iowa State University
2006: University of Tennessee
2005: Oklahoma State University
2004: Kansas State University
2003: University of Illinois 



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