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Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) Trophy Competition


ISU 2015

The 2015 winning Technology Branch - Iowa State University

Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

Engineering Branch: 1st place, Oklahoma State University; 2nd place, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Technology Branch: no recipients

The purpose of these awards is to recognize the student engineering branches and student technology branches with the most outstanding record of activities and achievements for the year.

Background on the Competition
The trophies competition began in 1935. 

Through the years, the Association has grown to include construction-related machinery, industrial as well as farm equipment, and the nature and number of awards have increased. The objectives of this competition, however, have remained the same - to create better student branches.The report measures quality of student organizations by comparing them in the major categories. Besides the comparison with other student engineering or technology branches, participation in this competition gives each student organization a permanent record of their activities and achievements for the year, thereby allowing them a chance to appraise their own growth throughout the year.

The Competition
The format of the competition, is web-based reporting, and will enhance the image of ASABE student sections and their departments by presenting a consistent, relevant data set that is available to students, faculty, the society, potential students, and the public. It will enable and encourage benchmarking between student branches.

AEM Trophy Competition Procedure
The basis for determining the placing in the AEM Trophies Competition is the report required of each student engineering or technology branch entering the competition.The format has evolved from paper, to electronic, and is now into cyberspace.  The judging committee will evaluate student branch/department websites following the established criteria in the application form. In the new format, more emphasis will be placed on making information accessible, providing quality programs and services, and keeping a permanent record. There is no required website design or layout, but specific content is required to receive full points (see Site Content below). Content may be displayed in multiple formats (HTML, PDF, etc.), but must all be accessible from the branch main website and points are awarded for both content and design.


  1. Report on activities and events occurring during one academic year (May - May); those in which your organization participates after that date may be included in your report for the following year.
  2. Complete information should be given on each item listed on the score sheet. If there has been no activity under a particular item, be sure to indicate as such.

Student branches are divided into two groups:

  1. Engineering Branches
  2. Technology Branches

Engineering Branch 1st Place - travelling trophy, plaque, cash prize of $1,000, and two paid student Annual International Meeting (AIM registrations).

Engineering Branch 2nd Place - plaque, cash prize of $500, and two paid student AIM registrations.

Technology Branch 1st Place - travelling trophy, plaque, cash prize of $1,000, and two paid student AIM registrations.

Technology Branch 2nd Place - plaque, cash prize of $500, and two paid student AIM registrations.

The awards will be presented at the AEM Student Awards Breakfast held during the ASABE AIM.

The top award finishers in both categories will be invited to attend the AEM Award Ceremony. During the AEM Award Ceremony, 1st and 2nd place will be announced.

There is no required website design or layout. However, specific content is required to receive full points.  Points are awarded for both site content and site design. The entry form below has more information.


Browse the following webpages to view the content and design of the 2016 competition winners.

1st Place Engineering Branch website: University of Illinois -

1st Place Technology Branch website: Iowa State University -

Competition History & Past Winners


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